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What's Everyone Listening To?


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The past week Ive been spending alot of time with these albums & bouncing back & forth between them:

"Anthology 1" - The Beatles

"30 #1 Hits" - Elvis Presley

"King Of The Delta Blues" - Robert Johnson

"New Sensations" - Lou Reed

"Broken Boy Soldiers" & "Consolers Of The Lonely" - The Raconteurs

"Abbey Road Now!" - Various artists covering The Beatles "Abbey Road"

"BBC Sessions" The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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Some of the things I've been listening to lately are:

- The Pretty Things's 1974 album, Silk Torpedo - a truly fabulous album!

- Aretha Franklin, Lady Soul, her second album on Atlantic, from 1968. Great singing.

- The Who live at Spectrum, Philadelphia, December 4, 1973. A marvelous bootleg, good sound, great performances.

- Jimi Hendrix Live at Woburn. A recent Dagger records release. Despite serious problems with the amps, Hendrix is always interesting to hear.

- Cream, Disraeli Gears. It had been too long since I revisited that one - the best album the band made, and a true classic.

Also been watching:

The Who at Kilburn DVD from 1977, which is a lot of fun despite the fact that Moon is not on top form and the band hadn't played together in a while. Even so it's great.

The White Stripes, Under Blackpool Lights DVD. It fucking rocks....

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