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What's Everyone Listening To?

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I was tipped off to this band from a friend that's also been responsible for turning me onto the Model Rockets, Nada Surf and the Thermals. If so inclined, you can check out their new record as well thanks to NPR's First Listen. They're playing here on March 13th with The Love Language. I'm sure that'll be a packed show but I hope to attend. The Love Language are selling out around here nearly everywhere they play and the place they're playing (the Local 506 in Chapel Hill) is a tiny club.

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A new copy of this on CD is going for no less than $212 on Amazon. Think I'll stick to the used copy I found in a pawnshop back in the 80s, thank you. For those that may not have heard it, this record stands head and shoulders beside The Harder They Come Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as one of the best reggae/rock steady era compilations I've ever heard. It even shares a song in common via The Melodians' "By The Rivers of Babylon" (and Desmond Dekker's "The Israelites" if you count the deluxe edition of The Harder They Come).


One of my favorite live albums, ever. By today's standards it would probably be considered an EP but it still packs more wallop in it's all too brief 40 minutes than some double length platters. After reading all of the revisionist history regarding live albums in the 70s I wonder just how much of that this one was subjected to? Hopefully, very little as it already sounds pretty raw and unvarnished to these ears.

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From the excellent Kaya album.

While listening to the BBC on my local NPR affiliate last night I heard a piece about a new book that chronicles the early days of The Wailers called I & I: The Natural Mystics. Whilst seeking out some more info about the book I stumbled upon this interview with the author, Colin Grant. Good stuff.


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