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What's Everyone Listening To?

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Bloody cool choices in my rock book!! :) :) :) :)

Thanks. The Truckes album is 19 songs so it's quite a bit to absorb all at once. As for the Garcia, it's the expanded version of Compliments from the All Good Things box. Lots of bonus cuts on here that make this album very much worth it's while.

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Evergreen. Track 4 on the new Black Crowes album :yay:


Do you have the entire album? If so, I thought it didn't come out until tomorrow. Reviews (among fans) seem mixed so I'm not so sure I'm going to be buying it. At least not right away. Not to mention tomorrow is a big release day as it also includes Deluxe editions of Skynyrd's Street Survivors and Whiskeytown's Strangers Almanac.


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Ok I must admit I know nothing about the Black Crowes. Who were the original members?

Al Gore came up with a marvelous little invention a few years ago, it's called the internet. They have these things called search engines. I suggest you look into them. Handy little devices they are. Especially that one called Google.

Did Jimmy Page play for them?

No, he didn't.


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Know this Mr wise guy. But the sound isnt as good with PC speakers. So why would I want to listen to this stuff on a PC. I heard somewhere that Page played with them. Guess I heard wrong.

Who in the hell said anything about listening to it on a PC?

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Black Crowes at VooDoo Fest 07




I'm bad with names,i've seen them 3 or 5 times. They kick ass my friend.

The lead singer is married to goldie hawns daughter. Again bad with names.

First time I saw them in a small civic auditorium in Thibidaux, LA ( pronounced-

Tib-i-doh ) My ears were numb for about 12 hrs after the show. Didn't realize how loud they were.

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