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I was cooking some dinner. and all of a sudden this came over me out of nowhere...

has there ever been a Bootleg released on 8 track? :o

with the bootleg craze going in the 70's, sombody had to have released at least one? and if so, I wonder what it would be worth... just picture Blueberry Hill on a two 8 track set.....lol

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I have a Springsteen bootleg on 8-track that was recorded from vinyl. Thing is, with the 8-track medium, it was more as a portable means of playing music from a record album. Once cassettes came along, it rendered 8-track obsolete.

Are there Zep boots out there on 8-track? I'm sure there are. But I don't think they were unofficially "officially" released by boot companies, the same way tape copies weren't released. Vinyl and CDs were the boot companies' methods of choice.

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Is the quality of 8-track recording (for instance - bootleg) better than

the quality of usual compact cassette?

And is there a chance that some of the Zep showes where taped with portable 8-track by audience?

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