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Keith Richards, and marijuana.

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There is alot of evidence, especially among former White House staff members, that JFK was going to push for full decriminalization and possiblie legalization of marijuana in his second term. He apparently found it quite helpful with his back pains.

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Anyone remember R.A.D.? (Rock Against Drugs)

Sam Kinison said that made about as much sense as 'Christians Against Christ'


:lol: Yup, that was rad, all right. Those stupid public service announcements, gawd.

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The History of the Marijuana Laws


The Forbidden Fruit and the Tree of Knowledge: An Inquiry into the Legal History of American Marijuana Prohibition


Nice to see someone else who links to the druglibrary.org

Here's rant I often share in forums:

Legalize Marijuana or Repeal Prohibition?

Personally, I prefer the latter because when people hear the “L-word” it evokes horrific images--propagandized by grandstanding prohibitionists--of Cannabis vending-machines alongside lockers in the halls of our nation’s schools, aggressive advertising campaigns targeting young people, every third driver on the highway with cotton-mouth and blood-shot eyes looking at everything but the road, and a surge in chemical dependence amongst the masses and so on. All these are myths fabricated by the people whose careers are dependent on the ever-growing bureaucratic, law-enforcement, and corrections infrastructure which has a 70-year track record of failure with no end in sight.

Alcohol Prohibition was bad policy back in the 1920s and Drug Prohibition is even worse policy now.

People wrongfully assume that it was first outlawed because of the “will of the people.” It was not. Harry J. Anslinger, a disgruntled—and racist—Treasury agent after repeal of alcohol Prohibition desperate for job-security, pushed it through Congress with negligible debate. Witnesses opposed to his agenda were screened out of what few hearings there were. There was NO floor-debate whatsoever. A bureaucrat’s bureaucrat, he was head of his fiefdom for over 30 years.

I realize many people have their opinions and do not wish to be confused by the facts but, for those interested in learning more of the facts, I recommend these sites:





If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. Support:


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