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Since I've Been Loving You 1975!


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I just downloaded this new Led Zeppelin show and this is the setlist:

Disc 1:

1.) Introduction

2.) Rock and Roll

3.) Sick Again

4.) Over The Hills and Far Away

5.) In My Time of Dying

6.) The Song Remains The Same

7.) The Rain Song

Disc 2:

1.) Kashmir

2.) No Quarter

3.) Since I've Been Loving You

4.) Trampled Underfoot

Disc 3:

1.) Moby Dick

2.) Dazed and confused

Disc 4:

1.) Stairway to Heaven

2.) Whole Lotta Love

3.) Black Dog

4.) Communication Breakdown

5.) Heartbreaker

SIBLY isnt one of my of my all time favs, but i was just shocked to see it on the setlist and it sounds amazing. (IMO, they should have played Heartbreaker then CB :lol:)

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You don't say what the date/location is of the show, but I think they only played it a couple of times in '75. Is the one you have 3/21 Seattle, or 3/27 LA Forum?

They also did it on 2/14 at the Nassau Coliseum, but it doesn't match the running order he has listed.

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I always thought 7-11 meant their concerts, how long they worked for each show.. But it could be 7PM to 11 AM also. I've had a shift close to that before, it was definitely a drag.

Your first thought is probably correct, as the line is "I've been workin from 7 to 11 every night."

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