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Sex Pistols Shows Captured For DVD, TV


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From Billboard.com:


Sex Pistols

Tom Ferguson, London

The first-ever full-length in-concert Sex Pistols title to be authorized by the band is due to appear this summer.

"The Sex Pistols: There'll Always Be an England" features the pioneering punk outfit's original lineup of Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Glen Matlock performing at November 2007 reunion shows at London's Brixton Academy.

FremantleMedia Enterprises, the U.K.-based commercial arm of TV production company FremantleMedia -- producer of "American Idol" -- is seeking international deals for the title at this week's MIPTV confab (April 7-11) in Cannes, France. The project reunites the band with director Julien Temple, who first filmed the Pistols in 1976.

The new title captures the band during its five-night (Nov. 8-10/12/14) run at the 4,920-capacity venue, marking the 30th anniversary of its debut album "Never Mind the Bollocks" (Virgin).

FremantleMedia Enterprises' London-based senior VP of home entertainment & archive sales Pete Kalhan says the company contacted the band immediately when the shows were announced, securing the deal over other labels and distributors because "the band was taken aback with our genuine affection for music and impressed with some of the other stuff we do."

The DVD, recorded in HD/5.1 surround sound, will appear in the United Kingdom in June, to coincide with European festival dates.

"All key international territories will have the DVD released by August," says Kalhan. "It'll be through our own label in the U.K. and a couple of other territories; elsewhere, we sub-license." U.S. release details are not yet finalized, but it's expected to hit racks in August or September.

International marketing plans are at an early stage, but will be led by cinema screenings in selected cities. Kalhan is hopeful Temple and/or the band will participate in a Q&A session at the London launch.

The licensing deal with the Pistols is "very simple," Kalhan adds. "We pay an up-front amount, incorporating production costs, then they deliver us what we want for TV and DVD. If that amount recoups, they get a royalty. We have all visual rights -- DVD, TV, download-to-own-worldwide." The band retains audio rights.

In addition to the main concert footage, the DVD package will include an 80-minute Temple-directed feature called "The Knowledge," showing each band member revisiting his old London hunting grounds.

FremantleMedia Enterprises' other forthcoming music projects include a second series of its "Live at Abbey Road" TV production -- including performances by Mary J. Blige, Stereophonics, Sheryl Crow and the Hoosiers -- and a new 13-part TV series, "Spectacle," hosted by Elvis Costello.

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I've never been a fan of Rotten, the Sex Pistols or even punk rock itself but I've always enjoyed the interviews I've seen/read with him.

I do give him credit for not attending the HOF induction ceremony and paying $10,000 for a table to sit at.

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I do give him credit for not attending the HOF induction ceremony and paying $10,000 for a table to sit at.

That was as planned and calculated as the Sex Pistols themselves. Still, they got a standing ovation for not even appearing.

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