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Request for you to listen to Over the Hills and Far Away


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.. and as this is his birthday, please listen to his fav tune, OTHFA. I am his Mom.. listened to the HH album constantly while he was in utero ;-D

Here is the story;

Casey's 32nd birthday is April 5. His fav thing in the world (besides his

two kids and his wife that he was totally hot for their entire five years

together, and his good sister and her family and his best friend... and oh,

yeah humor and fun) was music, and his fav group Led Zepplin. His fav song

was Over the Hills and Far Away. It took him three days to die when the end

came, from an always-fatal type of brain tumor. (yea, I know, big drama stuff, which he just despised.)

His best friend burned a CD of Led Zepplin music, and the Loius

Armstrong version of "What a Wonderful World" and it played it in an endless

loop for him, 24/7, while he lapsed into his coma and died. I sang him D'yer Mak'r (Baby, please don't go) and he rebounded, scaring the crap outta the neurosurgeons, as they were ready to pul the plug that day. Music can heal.

I invite all of you to share his joy of life and sense of fun by listening

to some Led Zepplin, should you hear it on the radio or have a CD.

He especially held Jimmy Page's guitar work in high regard.

He had the Swan Song logo tattooed over his heart. Named his dog "Bonzo" in honor of the drummer, Bonham.

I asked him one time what he thought man's greates achivement was. I had

thought it was flight, until he said, "It's music." He was right.

Party on Casey O! Hoy Hoy!



Casey Orion's Mom

4/5/76 5/30/06

see pic's of Casey, including tattoo, at teresaboze my space pics. thanks for playing and listening.. than thanks Jimmy, Jon, and Bob, and the others of the LZ players amd makers, for a life of good times and sweet memories, even when things were darkest.

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Awww... :(

My belated condolences go out to you and your family. I shall definitely play the most incendiary version I have of OTHAFA to Casey's memory. Twice, just for good measure. :)

Losing a loved one is never an easy thing. But I believe he's in a better place now...


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