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What songs did you want to hear from the O2 show that weren't played?

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It was so good (except for the feedback the first 3 songs) I would have thought they would do some more shows for sure...I would have bet and lost the farm...I still think it will happen...maybe they should let Plant/Krauss open for them :D

Well considering they've all said it won't, I wouldn't bet your farm that it will ;)

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Well considering they've all said it won't, I wouldn't bet your farm that it will ;)

It's a good thing I don't have a farm then.... :slapface:

If this is never going to happen, then let's rush (under 3 years from time of concert) out that dvd of the show...when that dvd comes out, then I will officially give up hope of any more shows

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My passcode was B9Z43D...I was in disbelief when I made it onto the special site for tickets...the ebay passcode was NOT a fake! Whew! One of the smarter moves in my life. Flew out on a Friday from Atlanta...got my tix on Sunday...saw RnR history on Monday.

Here are the songs I really wanted to hear...I could easily add a dozen more...

For Your Life!

In My Time of Dying

The Rover

Achilles Last Stand

In the Light


I'm Gonna Crawl


I guess Robert has made it very clear. That was the last show...forever. I promised myself if I ever got the chance, I would not miss the boys. And I didn't. Funny thing is, I paid a mere fraction of what I was eager and willing to pay for the whole deal. Rock on, Led Zeppelin, rock on...

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Drop: Ramble On & Misty Mountain Hop

Add: Train Kept A Rollin', Thats The Way, & Carouselambra (which they supposedly rehearsed)

Drop ramble on & misty mountain hop!!! your off your head mate there probaly two of my fav led zepp songs :elvis2:

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