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What songs did you want to hear from the O2 show that weren't played?

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Oh man, I would have killed to listen to Achilles, Communication Breakdown and...Celebration Day of course.

i don't understand why Achilles couldn't sneak in......i get it that Plant didn't wanna play the song, but given it's Page's favorite, they could have interpolated just select instrumental sections as part of the middle section of Dazed given that was Jimmy's big showcase anyway right?

I do get a kick out of them calling the DVD Celebration Day for a show where they didn't play that song at all......Imagine how Robert would sound on Communication Breakdown, feel like that'd be a tricky one.

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did anyone here say Communication Breakdown, yet? cause that's what i would've picked, along with Fool in the Rain, Moby Dick (a spotlight for Jason of course), Houses of the Holy (the song), etc.

i think there were rumours that communication breakdown was rehearsed possibly maybe, but clearly didn't make it to the set. To me, that might be far fetched just given plant's vocal range, would be very, very curious to heat what key they'd kick that into. For my money, the set would look like this....

Good Times Bad Times

Communication Breakdown w/ extended soloing and jam at the end

Bring It On Home Intro / Black Dog

Over The Hills

In The Light

Trampled Underfoot

Nobody's Fault But Mine

No Quarter

Since I've Been Loving You

Dazed and Confused (w/ jam in the middle incorporating key bits of achilles)

Stairway to Heaven

Song Remains The Same

Thank You


Whole Lotta Love (w/ couple minutes of jamming / soloing in the middle in addition to theremin solo)

Rock N Roll

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The Lemon Song

Gallows Pole

That's The Way

When The Levee Breaks

The Rain Song

The Ocean

I have this fantasy of them doing a show where they bring on about four celebrity guitarists to join in so they can do "When The Levee Breaks" the way it ought to sound.

Never understood why they included "Nobody's Fault But Mine" - it's hardly one of their best moments.

An acoustic section might have been good. But you can't have everything. It's a great show.

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The more I think about it, the more it seems like a missed opportunity to have played something from In Through the Out Door, it would have given that album the proper recognition is deserves. Maybe In The Evening or maybe All My Love would have been a good way to end the show:


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I would've loved to see them play some more stuff that they never really played live before like The Rover When the Levee Breaks, basically what everyone else is saying. In The Light would have been totally spectacular. I would've also loved to see Communication Breakdown, and Robert can still totally sing that song, check this out, he sounds great IMO


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I agree, that was an obvious miss, and the one negative thing which can be said about the O2 gig, there was nothing from In Through The Out Door

I am also surprised that nothing was played from In Through The Outdoor, so that all Zeppelin albums were represented. I personally would have loved Fool in The Rain (although that one may be a little ambitious to pull off that night) or South Bound Saurez. However In The Evening would have been the more logical choice to include.

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