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Beautiful Women


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Serena Williams is too masculine. I mean in that one picture of her, it looks like a linebacker with tits. Not hot.

out of curiosity, which Serena pic? (top, middle, bottom)

I know a lot of men don't care for muscular women.

I personally draw the line at the body-builder chicks that have the ripped muscles, but just muscular/athletic like Serena is fine with me.

And when I say fine, I mean making my knees weak fine, shaving my head and selling pencils at the airport because I'd worship that ass fine, (oh wait, my head's already shaved...)


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One of my favorite celebrity couples, a beautiful woman with a beautiful man:






I can't stand Kelly Ripa. She has an annoying personality, she looks like she is starving herself and she has a chest like a guy.

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