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Beautiful Women


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Great. All that "thong" section did was make me think I need to get on that butt machine at the gym and stay there until mine looks like about 99.9% of the ones on that page. :lol:

There's nothin' wrong with a big wobbly butt. It's called being a woman.

I could sink my teeth into this just like a ripe watermelon:



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What makes her more of a "Real" woman, then skinny, or slender woman?

What are you, a feminist? It's just his opinion that he thinks bigger women are more real, it's his preference.

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Hi all,

I just discovered Katherine Heigl. She was interviewed in the Washington Post and kept trying to explain how/why she became a cigarette smoker. Do a google image search and you will find some very interesting photos of her.


Katherine Heigl,first saw her in: 'Under Seige 2' as a kid,brown hair,now she is on a some TV show and I *think* won an Emmy,she is also a Morom,just got married and think those are -McCoy's- :D


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