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John Bonham's grave site; how can i find it ?


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hi all,

i'm looking to go to to john bonham's grave, has anyone been ? is it easy to find ? I know he was buried in Rushock, Worcestershire parish church, is Rushock a village or small town ? Are there any landmarks near the site that can act as a beacon, thus enabling me to find it easier ? I've looked on the net but it information appears a bit vague, btw i live in buckinghamshire.

Any help will be much appreciated,


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Google Maps is handy for any Zep related landmarks...

From what I can see it's on Church Hill, Rushock off the A442. In the graveyard next to the church. There are plenty of photos around.

I hope one day I will get to visit too.


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I am hoping to visit too. Hopefully, this summer. Also going to take in nearby Cutnall Green, the village where the Bonham's lived and where Jason was raised. I believe Pat still lives in the area. The local Chequers pub was a favourite watering hole of John's. In fact, is that the one featured in his fantasy sequence in TSRTS? Anyone know?

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Bonzo pulls up to The New Inn on Kidderminster Road in his hot rod and walks in during his fantasy segment in The Song Remains The Same. Here is a link with a recent photo:


The Chequers, just down Kidderminster Road, is the other local pub for Cutnall Green and was also a favorite of Bonzo's:


Bonzo quipped circa 1978 (paraphrased): "I'm not buying the bloody Chequers! Mind you, I was interested".

St. Michael's Parish Church in Rushock is located high on a hill overlooking Cutnall Green.

Just follow the signs to Rushock from Kidderminster Road as it is a very small village and

can be reached in ten minutes by car. I have gone a couple times to pay my respects and take in the view which overlooks Cutnall Green and stretches on into infinity.

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