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Extreme Reuniting For 2008 Album, Tour


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From Billboard



Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Boston-based rock outfit Extreme is reuniting for its first studio album in 13 years and world tour in 2008, Billboard has learned. The group, best known for the 1991 No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit "More Than Words," disbanded in 1996 but reformed briefly in 2004 and 2006.

Details are pending on the album, which is being produced by guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, and the tour dates. Extreme now includes original members Bettencourt, frontman Gary Cherone and bassist Pat Badger, along with new drummer Kevin Figueiredo.

Of late, the band has reached a new audience thanks to the inclusion of its song "Play With Me" in the video game "Guitar Hero." "We realized, not only are the people starved for rock'and'roll, so are we," Bettencourt says. "Let's eat."

Extreme will perform Saturday (Dec. 1) at the Boston Music Awards.

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Nice one ! Nuno is a fantastic Guitarist, Most of Waiting For the punchline album is on my ipod !! I love that album, it gets rid of the big production of earlier cd's and is just a four piece playing. The guitar sound is very sparse with not alot of effects and the riffs and solo's cut right thru !! on a Zep related front Midnight Express from that album was inspired by Four Sticks !!!

I saw them in 1992 in Bournemouth and got autographs from them...


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VH1 had this program called "Bands Reunited" and they were profiled for an episode, and apparently either Bettencourt or Cherone didn't want to see the other. Odd they put that behind them for a tour and a new album.

I saw that...it was Bettencourt, and he was practically in tears when asked to explain why he didn't want to talk to gary, or contemplate reuniting for that show.

Left me with that "uh oh, someone stole somebody elses wife feeling".

It was wierd.

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