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o2 show, ticket figures from His Harviness.


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Harvey Goldsmith is on Radio 5 now talking about the new volutary legislation for concert ticketing and the secondary market. As usual from our hero,it's a mix of bluster, bad economics[or disingenuousness, I'm never sure which it is] and self-justification based on spurious statistics and dubious 'analysis' of public ticket purchasing patterns. The relevant bit is that he stated that just under 15,000 tickets were available to the public for the Zep O2 show. Additionally, 884 tickets were available as part of packages, he said. The other tickets were sort of accounted for in a kind of list including band members, charity, other performers etc. He also implied that there was a 'target' figure of 4 million dollars for the show to raise. Either that or he's created the target after the fact to justify his ticketing decisions. Trevor Beattie[a P.Rman] described in plain, simple terms how promoters,pr companies and bands were all in cahoots to generate stories about ticket sales for the tabloid press. He also described how tickets 'leak' into the 'industry' and how dfificult it is to get tickets at face price now. For a bonus he criticised the practice of bumping up prices by selling VIP packages with the ticket vastly over-priced. Of course the Harvster denied that any of these things ever happen but had no actual responses or arguments,just 'No it isn't ' etc and the usual bluster. Anyway, those are the 'official' ticket figures from H.G

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