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Sandy Denny Story on BBC Radio2 Last Night

One Symbol

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Did anyone listen to this programme (hosted by Bob Harris) last night?

I thought it was a pretty good potted history of all things Sandy.

One Bob Plant of Kidderminster popped up to make some astute and interesting observations about the recording of "Battle of Evermore". He also spoke of his deep admiration for Sandy's artistry - really good to hear!

You can listen again to it here:


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I remember her singing with Fairport Convention when they opened for Led Zeppelin.

Fantastic. That must have been one hell of a gig to see. I would be very interested to hear your recollections of that night, Eternal Light. :)

I still have this pipedream that the LA Troubadour tape (featuring a Sandy-less Fairport & Zep jamming) will surface one day. There has been some discussion about it on a Fairport discussion group, but no-one on there is any the wiser.

Anyway, I'm going to shamelessly BUMP this thread, as I reckon a few of you out there would be interested to hear this programme if only for Plant's recollections.

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