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Zecharia Sitchen and the origin of man


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Mesopotamian archaeology and the relevance of it to the world as we know it.

Sumerian cylinder scrolls pre-dating the bible with the same stories?

The Epic of Gilgamesh?

Hammurabi's laws a template for the ten commandments?

The Sumerian creation story having Noah's flood in 10000 BC?

Two different Eve's? Two different creation stories in Genesis?


Satan or Enki?

The Pyramid wars?

Man or hybrid? Is the missing link an alien?

Who fucked (or fucked with) the monkey?

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Ev, you should dig out that looooong post from the old board about the whole 2012 thing (I almost wrote 2112 - listening to it now). It was quite interesting.

I'll go digging, but I'm afraid it was lost when the old board went down. I don't think I saved it on my computer. But I will look. And if the thread takes off, we might have some interesting conversation! :D

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