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I'm lookin' for a name for a rock band...

They make cover of groups like Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jethro Tull... (they wish they could do also our dear Led Zeppelin, but...who can sing like Plant???? AAAAAAAAHHH!!! :wub: )

Do you have any ideas?

I think of a quotation by some rock song....

Help me guys!!!

Thank you so much!!!!! :thanku:

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The Nobs.

Led Zeppelin used that name once in a gig.

For the not informed ones :) :

Led Zeppelin's album cover met an interesting protest when, at a 28 February 1970 gig in Copenhagen, the band were billed as "The Nobs" as the result of a threat of legal action from aristocrat Eva von Zeppelin (a relative of the creator of the Zeppelin aircraft), who, upon seeing the logo of the Hindenburg crashing in flames, threatened to have the show pulled off the air.
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