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What is your name?

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Giovanni José

(Giovanni is italian for John, José is portuguese for joseph) there is a superstition here if the Umbilical cord is rolled in the neck have to get Joseph or Mary in the name, or the baby will die Drowned...

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My name is Francis Sawyer.

And that's the fact jack! :lol:

Whats your name...who's your daddy?? :whistling:

Couldn't resist.

"Well is he rich like me?" B)

I'm Charles and contrary to popular belief, I'm not in charge! ;)

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My real name is boring. You aren't missing anything.

Oh stop being such a poonanny. :rolleyes:

Unless "Poonanny McSpats" is your REAL name. Then I could understand the insecurity. :lol:

C'mon, be a man for once! Stand up and be counted!

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