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Zepplin's trademarks


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Looking at the individuals and then the whole. What characteristics/imagery does the band have that sets them apart from others.

Jimmy guitar electric mode has a galloping sound and rhytem.

JPJ bass is very funky. His Keyboards can range from haunting to playfull.

Bonzo his drumming is very tribal, almost like a cross between a gorilla and a elaphant.

Robert voice is like a sonic instrument. When he gets blusey his voice sexes up.

As a whole. They tend to lean towards more dynamics in thier sound. They can be soft and loud, there always seems to be some sort of dynamic in thier sound. Almost like when you see Formula 1 racing with the twist and turns.

No matter how much music I hear. No one touches Zep. The one exception for me personally is

James Brown. Who in my opinion realy challenges my attention to Zep.


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