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toughest female movie hero's


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Susan Hayward - I Want to Live

She is hardcore to the bone in this.

Somewhat off topic but some real life bad ass ladies were two Irish Lasses: Hellcat Maggie from the Dead Rabbits gang in NY during the 1840's (she filed her teeth into sharp fangs and wore extended brass claws on her hands); & Gallus Mag, a 6'+ female bouncer at The Hole in the Wall Bar in NY circa 1870. The bar is still there but is now called the Bridge Cafe. The two real life badasses would wipe the floor with most action hero's, male or female, and still be ready for a poke or two after :black_eye::buttsmack:

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On 3/19/2018 at 5:08 PM, Strider said:

Just saw this the other night. Directed by the guy who started G.L.O.W.



Pretty cool. Watched this after seeing your post and enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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