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"Old" Yardbirds Split/New Yardbirds Form


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"Ask Gary"

Elyria, OH Chronicle Telegram 7/9/1968

by Gary Bainbridge

When a rock group like The Yardbirds splits up it's more than news, it's a tragedy. This group has been packing auditoriums everywhere it has appeared. They are also largely responsible

for the music revolution known as the underground sound. With the exception of lead guitarist Jimmy

Page (whom I consider the finest rock guitarist in the world) The group has been together for more than five years.

Jimmy and Chris Drejas (sic) are going back to London to form the nucleus for the new Yardbirds.

The group is splitting because lead singer Keith Rolfe (sic) wants to do Simon and Garfunkle - type protest music, while the Jimmy Page faction want to continue with the hard beat which has made The

Yardbirds famous.

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