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What's the Last Concert You Attended?


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Queensryche/Alice Cooper/Heaven and Hell or maybe Megadeth - I can't remember which was last.

My first time to see Tony Iommi and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Every time I tried to see Sabbath before something happened to ruin it but this time was the charm. Good sets from QR and AC too. That was also my first time to see MegaDave - and I must say I was well and truly impressed. He may have never achieved the popularity his old band did but he remained more true to his music and art.

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Page and Plant at the hollywood bowl in '98.

The awesome thing is that I didn't like zep at the time, and I didn't even convert at the show either.

Had to watch the Vh1 legends episode for that.

I found myself at a Dick Dale show during the Redondo beach lobster fest. around 2002-3.

That sounds like it shouldn't count... :whistling:

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Last shows I went were one weekend this summer. Saw Heart on a friday night. That was my youngest first show. He's 4. It was oldest 2nd show. He's 7. He saw heart with me in 2003. On Sunday the whole family went saw ZZ Top Pretenders and Stray Cats. A good time was had by all

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