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What's the Last Concert You Attended?


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Both were dissapointments. They weren't bad by any means. But what they presented did not blow away.

The SP, I would nver pay to see them again..... when I only really enjoyed 3 songs from thei set. Fact is, I expected the concert to start at a level of "Bullet With Butterfly Wings".... but.... that is where the concert ended, or climaxed. No Thank You. That's not god enough!!

Alice was fine, but I am too much very spoiled to have seen the oriignal band perform all of "Killer" in 1972.... and THAT has never been topped since. Sorry folks, the BBB Tour was a drunkfest. Not interested!! :D

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Van Morrison at the United Palace Theater in Manhattan on October 13. Beautiful old art deco theater recently restored. Great sound. Van did a fantastic show. Great singing. Had a great band. Really played bandleader. Van played his sax and harmonica on various songs.

Thing about Van is, he doesn't just trot out the hits. If you're going to see him, it's best if you're up on his last few albums. A recent favorite is Magic Time, a terrific album start to finish, that I think came out in 2003.

Opener was Bobby "Blue" Bland.

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Saw Manic Street Preachers lastnight at Manchester Central.

It was so much better than the last time I saw them! Got a really good spot this side right near the front, but out of the crushy bit. I mean, that's my second choice after the barrier so it was cool.

They were amazing. Even though JDB had a cold. He said he was sorry, but that he was "trying to clear all this fuckin' snot from my sinus". Haha.

Cherry Ghost were a bit disappointing, though. I found their set order a little strange, for a start.

And the venue is ace, never been in there before. It's got the atmosphere of a music festival when you first walk in...but inside, obviously. :D

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My last 5 shows were.

The Police- Miami Joe Robbie Stadium 15th row floor

The Police - L.A. Staples Center - Floor risers

The Stones - L.A. Dodger Stadium 6th row floor

The Who - L.A. Hollywood Bowl - 2nd row pit dead center

Roger Waters - Las Vegas MGM 4the row side stage risers incredible seats

These were all incredible shows but Led Zep will be the best of them all. I can't wait until Monday.

Rock n Roll

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Last five this year:

The Hives, ABC, Glasgow 22/11/07

Sex Pistols, SECC, Glasgow 18/11/07

Hamell On Trial (support - didn't wait around for the main act!), ABC, Glagsow 07/10/07

The Rezillos, ABC2, Glasgow 05/10/07

The Fratellis, SECC, Glasgow 29/09/07

As always, looking forward to March 17 for Stiff Little Fingers @ the Barowlands!

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^ Dick Dale was one of my favorite shows. The guy still shreds after all these years, not to mention playing the guitar with drumsticks and anything else laying around him.

Dick Dale normally plays in the neighborhood on New Years Eve.Thats where I am planning to be.

This last summer I saw ZZ Top, the Pretenders and the Stray Cats tour together. Phenomenal show.

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