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What's the Last Concert You Attended?


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I went to Patti Smith's concert last night = absolutely awesome

I also went to see&hear a lot of great Croatian rock bands.

Croatian bands? Now you got me interested, what bands?


W.A.S.P. - Budapest, a month ago. And I left my soul somewhere in Hungary

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Well I attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame benefit show on Friday night at Madison Square Garden. Great show with some awesome guests. Some highlights were Jeff Beck's instrumental of A Day In The Life, Jeff Beck with Billy Gibbons on Foxey Lady. Aretha Franklin was fantastic and in great form. What a set of pipes she still has. Metallica was quite good with Ozzy doing Paranoid and Iron Man. They brought out Lou Reed for a great version of Sweet Jane and Ray Davies for You Really Got Me and All Day And All Of The Night. U2 was the final band of the night and they were in top form. Bruce and Patti Smith performed Because The Night twice. I think someone missed a cue on the first take. Probably done twice as this is being filmed for an HBO broadcast later this month. Bruce also did Stuck In A Moment with U2. And finally Mick Jagger came out to perform a fantastic version of Gimme Shelter also with Fergie. All in all a great show. The ticket prices were a bit steep, but this was certainly worth it!

I just saw this on Dutch TV here in Belgium , and it looked and sounded great!

I taped it also...

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Saw Mose Allison at Blues Alley on Saturday. Didn't know him, and never been to Blues Alley before. Would definitely like to go back there - really cool venue. Mose is smart and funny. Although I've never been a huge jazz fan, I enjoyed him a great deal.

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Last night at the Robin 2, it was NAZARETH, supported by The DEBORAH BONHAM BAND :thumbsup:

Great performance to start the night from the dynamic, barefooted Deborah. Lively songs, and several entertaining stories and quotes. here's a few -

" this next one is called I NEED LOVE ...... I definitely need a new mike-stand ! ..... I need a whiskey as well, bloody 'ell ! "

" this song (The Old Hyde) is not a morbid song, I don't want it to be morbid - it's dare I say it, a song of hope. "

" this one is the title track from our album Duchess, and it's called .... Duchess ! HA HA ! No shit Sherlock ! "

" thank you very very much ! well we've over-run a few minutes, but ... we're gonna do one more, Fuck It ! This one is dedicated to John Henry Bonham, and it's called ROCK AND ROLL ! "

I can safely say I have never seen such an audience reaction to a support band. During the interval, Deborah must have signed literally hundreds of CDs - they had to bring in more from the back, as they had run out. :thanku:

NAZARETH - Dan McCafferty is still outstanding. Effortless performance, and those screeching vocals have lost none of their strength. And great songs which have definitely stood the test of time. Packed audience loved every minute. :notworthy:

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The last concert I hit was back in July of '09:

Asia/Yes. Great show, though Yes' set lasted 5 songs. Asia was top notch, IMO.

Yes's 5 songs could have lasted 2 hours. Me, I last went to a show in 1994. Metallica at the Irwin Center in Austin. They were okay. Nothing to scream about. Best live act: Aerosmith. Seen 'em 3 times. Each time they got better and better. Probably because they were on the wagon. The last time I saw them, they requested no alcohol be served. Fantastic show. Pump tour.




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The Last concert I attended was two nights ago at ZanZilla in Ventura, CA.

Night Horse was supposed to play but one member came down being sick but I have seen them before and wasn’t impressed by them overall indifferent about them so I wasn’t bummed.

The Fucking Wrath local band and recently signed to Tee Pee Records opened the show. They were good, loud and heavy. They're playing at the same venue with Ancestors in about three weeks might have to attend that.

Radio Moscow were phenomenal I wrote more about them in the Radio Moscow thread. Guessing no youtube clips will pop up for this concert but here's a very recent clip. You can't hear the vocals but the instruments sound fine.

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The last concert I attended was KISS last night. It was actually pretty good and LOUD. Before the band came out, the crowd was getting a little antsy and I said to my friend that they needed to play a Zepp song over the PA to excite everyone. Well, sure enough they played Immigrant Song and the crowd went wild. It was pretty funny! Also, KISS played Whole Lotta Love during their set and again, the crowd went wild. Those were the two highlights of the show for me! :)

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