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What's the Last Concert You Attended?

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At the Durham Performing Arts Center earlier this evening. No opening act, just 2½ hours (with a brief intermission) from Steve Earle with solo turns from his wife Allison Moorer, the Mastersons (Eleanor Whitmore & Chris Masterson) and his bass player Kelly Looney.

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^This wedding (and the ensuing rock show) even warranted an article in yesterday's edition of the Raleigh, NC News & Observer. Turns out the graffiti on the wall (see the photo accompanying the article) was scribbled by Peter Blackstock (former co-editor of No Depression magazine and friend of the newlyweds) who came back to put his name to it sometime after the original photo was taken. That's some pretty high praise right there...

Yesterday, the post-wedding celebration continued with a late afternoon/early evening performance by Mic Harrison & the High Score at Sadlack's Heroes in Raleigh. Mic is a former member of the V-Roys, who have a 2 CD career retrospective hitting stores on Tuesday called Sooner Or Later. They (the V-Roys) will also be doing a very rare reunion show at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, TN on New Year's Eve. Yesterday's set by Mic Harrison & the High Score included a second set of nothing but new material save for a couple a covers (one of which was "Never Been To Spain"). There was nearly a second Don Schlitz moment (see the N & O article) when someone requested Kenny Rogers and the band briefly pondered playing "The Gambler" (originally penned by Mr. Schlitz).

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Wilco last night in Raleigh with Nick Lowe doing the opening honors. Here's a review from David Menconi from the Raleigh News & Observer and a link their photo gallery from last night's concert. There's also this review and photo gallery from Music.MyNC.com. Setlist and show poster below.


Wilco w/ Nick Lowe at the Raleigh Amphitheatre, 9.27.11.

Art of Almost

I Might

Black Moon

Ashes of American Flags

Bull Black Nova

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

One Wing

Dawned on Me

Born Alone

Impossible Germany

Say You Miss Me

Whole Love

Pot Kettle Black

Handshake Drugs

War on War

Standing O

One Sunday Morning


Shot in the Arm

Jesus, Etc.

36 Inches High (w/ Nick Lowe)

I Love My Label (w/ Nick Lowe)

Red Eyed and Blue

I Got You


I'm the Man Who Loves You


There were also a number of Wilco after parties in town last night, I somehow managed catch portions of all them which included sets from Kenny Roby and the Debonzo Brothers at the Pour House, Jason Kutchma of Red Collar at Tir na nOg and Some Army at Slim's.

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I saw Jeff Lang on Thursday night.What a show!

His guitar playing is stellar to say the least.The pub venue was packed and the band that's touring with him at the moment are excellent.Best live show I've seen in a long time.I had a chance to talk with him after the show,he's a great bloke and very down-to-earth.

His new album's called "Carried In Mind".


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Over the weekend:

Chatham County Line at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham. This was the final concert in this year's Back Porch Music on the Lawn Series presented by WUNC.

Rusted Root at the Raleigh Ampitheater as part of the Bud Light Concert Series. Tickets were $5.

Tonk at King's Barcade in Raleigh.

Erica Blinn at Sadlack's Heroes in Raleigh.

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Thursday night it was The P-90s and the Temperance League at Tir na nOg followed by The Static Minds at Slim's, both in Raleigh.

Last night it was The Gourds w/ Patrick Sweany at the newly renovated Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. Setlist courtesy of The Gourds News:

01. You Must Not Know

02. Peppermint City

03. Marginalized

04. Haunted

05. Web Before You Walk into It

06. Hellhounds

07. Bridgett

08. Two Sparrows

09. Pill Bug Blues

10. Melchert

11. My Name is Jorge

12. Ink and Grief

13. Long Gone Like a Turkey thru the Corn (Lightnin’ Hopkins)

14. Blankets

15. The Tinys Variety Hour (Claude Bernard/Matt Cook/Travis Garaffa)

16. Flamenco Cabaret

17. Drop What I'm Doing

18. I Want it So Bad

19. Shake the Chandelier *

20. I Like Drinking

21. Burn the Honeysuckle

22. Your Benefit

23. All the Labor

24. Lower 48 **

*Original set list had Cracklins

**Richmond Ditch version

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North Mississippi All-Stars with the Alabama Shakes at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh last night. I've been hearing a lot about the Alabama Shakes since this past summer when they opened a few shows for the Drive-By Truckers. When I saw that they were on this bill it definitely registered on my radar. I was kind of on the fence about going because there's been so many good concerts coming through as of late but once the time came, I couldn't resist. They were well worth it and a very fitting opener for the North Mississippi All-Stars. Their brand of R & B, Soul and Rock n' Roll rattled the rafters. Mixed in with that were some R & B ballads ready made for slow dancing. Even though I picked up their debut, Shake Hands With Shorty back when it first came out, his was only my second time seeing the North Mississippi All-Stars. The first time was during the second Austin City Limits Music Festival in 2003. Last year I saw Luther Dickinson playing lead guitar with the Black Crowes and in early 2011 I saw Luther and Cody open for the Band of Joy in a scaled down (by one) version of the North Mississippi All-Stars. Last night's show was a full throttle blues extravaganza with some very inspired side turns into chicken pickin' guitar, gospel and folk with Luther switching out a variety of string instruments and Cody playing guitar and electric washboard in addition to his drum duties. Meanwhile Chris Chew held it all down bass with occasional turns on lead vocals, most notably "I'd Love To Be A Hippie".

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Just saw the magnificent Portishead at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall, right across from the USC campus near downtown Los Angeles. It was fookin' ace, mates!

While waiting to get in(it was general admission so first come first serve as far as getting close to the stage), we heard both Portishead and the USC band soundchecking.

Will post more another time, including photos...but here's the setlist as best as I recall:

1. Silence

2. Nylon Smile

3. Mysterons

4. The Rip

5. Sour Times

6. Magic Doors

7. Wandering Star

8. Machine Gun

9. Over

10. Glory Box

11. Chase the Tear

12. Cowboys

13. Threads


14. Roads

15. We Carry On

Practically a flawless setlist...except I probably would have preferred Hunter and Plastic from the "Third" album in place of Nylon Smile and We Carry On. It would have been sweet if they could have fit in Humming, as well. But that's nitpicking...at least they're playing my town for 2 nights. Poor souls in the south get nada. Closest Portishead is getting to the south on this tour is Denver.

Then they hit Australia in November. Preetha, if you're reading this(and any other members Down Under), I highly suggest you try to get tickets.

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Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass Kickin' Team with Erica Blinn as part of the Ass Kickin' Team's residency every Wednesday this month at Deep South in Raleigh. Just so happens the OAK Team and Erica both have new albums out so last night was the CD release party for them.

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Friday, Oct. 21: Miranda Lee Richards, Sara Melson, Tom Freund, and Nicole Ema Every at the Besant Lodge, in Beachwood Canyon, Hollywood.

I was just telling a friend the other day, that when you live in Los Angeles, it helps to be flexible, as your schedule can change on a whim. Originally, I was planning to attend the LA premiere of 50th anniversary brand new digital restoration of "The Guns of Navarone" at the American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre. Then, yesterday morning I checked some e-mails that I hadn't read yet...and read this one from Miranda Lee Richards:


Hello Everyone, I am pleased to announce I will be performing this Friday, October 21st, as part of a songwriter in the round showcase at the beautiful historic Besant Lodge in Beachwood Canyon. This will be a great opportunity to try out ALL NEW MATERIAL in an intimate setting, alongside some other very talented, and not to be missed songwriters! This show will most likely be my first (and possibly only) Los Angeles performance for the rest of the year, while I continue my live show hiatus in order to complete the recording of my next album, due out 2012.

I am incredibly grateful for the chance to perform NEW MUSIC for you all again, it's been a while! Wine and refreshments served, suggested donation $10, 8pm.


Miranda Lee Richards

Sara Melson

Leslie Stevens

Nicole Ema Every

Tom Freund

Scratch the movie, I am heading up Beachwood Canyon drive. The Besant Lodge(http://www.gnosis.org/gnostsoc/besant.html) is an old tiny place with an interesting history(Theosophical Society, silent movie theatre), that sits on Beachwood just under the Hollywood sign.

There were maybe 50 people and since I was sitting in the first row, I was maybe three feet from the performers. Leslie Stevens couldn't make it, but Miranda, Nicole, Tom and Sara were more than enough entertainment. Each was lined up alongside each other, from left to right: Miranda, Nicole, Tom and Sara. Each played an acoustic guitar, or used the piano to their left.

Miranda would play a song, then Nicole and so on. That went for three rounds, then there was a food-and-wine break and much mingling, then back for another couple rounds of songs. In total, each played 5 songs for a total of 20.

I had never seen Tom Freund before, and he was great with an amusing way about him, very charming and idiosyncratic. Sara and Nicole each had their moments as well.

But it was primarily Miranda Lee Richards I had come to see, being entranced by her ever since seeing her with the Brian Jonestown Massacre back in the 90s. Then her first album "Herethereafter" further bewitched me, and I've been besotted ever since. She did not disappoint.

What was really great about last night was that of the 5 songs she sang, 4 of them were brand-spanking new, as she is in the midst of recording her new album, hopefully to be released in 2012. She has 40 to 50 songs accumulated, and is in the process of figuring which ones will make the cut for the record.

I can only hope the ones she played last night are among them, especially one called "Shelter", a long hypnotic gem of a song. In fact, given the quality of the new songs, I can hardly wait to hear the new album! The light was pretty low in the room, and I still have to go through and see if the video I took with my phone came out(I tried it at Portishead and it came out horrible-sounding), but I'll try to post some suitable pics later.

Bonus treat: meeting Miranda's charming mother, Teresa. :thumbsup:

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Wednesday night I took my daughter to Avril Lavigne.

What a great hing it is to do things like that with your kids.

Avril's band is very tight. Very good musicians. The fact she has a hand in writing her material, singing it and playing her guitar to it as well makes it a bit more enjoyable for me. During one instrumental they did I closed my eyes to just listen, it had the makings and sound of a really good classic rock band.


Moody Blues

Jeff Beck

Avril Lavigne

It's been a good year.

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Mount Moriah & Alexi Murdoch at Reynolds Industries Theatre on the campus of Duke University in Durham, NC earlier tonight. This was a last minute decision but hearing that it would be Mount Moriah's last full band appearance for the remainder of 2011 cinched it for me. I was not familiar at all with the works of Alexi Murdoch but I enjoyed his set as well. It was a bit sedate but still very good.

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Ace Frehley last year in the o2 Academy

Really? No concert in almost a year? :blink:

You must be married with children or you really do live in Bron-Yr-Aur. :D

Please...go out and see a show...any concert will do. I'd hate for your last concert memory to be Ace Frehley. :lol:

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James McMurtry and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh last night, both performing full length sets as this was a co-headliner bill. McMurtry played first. It hasn't been all that long ago since I last saw Isbell but at the time, his newest record, Here We Rest, was still several months from being released so obviously last night the songs from it figured more prominently in the setlist. However, it's been quite some time since I saw McMurtry last (Austin City Limits Music Festival 2002) so I wanted to be sure not to miss him on this go 'round. He did not disappoint. Some of the more hard hitting moments came via his more politically charged numbers such as "We Can't Make It Here" which was prefaced with comments about the protests taking place throughout the U.S. This was juxtaposed by his rollicking ramble that always brings the house down, "Choctaw Bingo".

Isbell and the 400 Unit were also in fine form, including a seamless seque into "No Quarter" during the second song of the evening, "Try". The new material was also sounding very good live, especially "Alabama Pines" and "Codeine" (done as the first song in the encore). During one of the more recent times I saw him we got a nice nod to Nawlins via his version of "Sissy Strut" by the Meters, last night it was a joyful romp through the Nevilles'/Meters "Hey Pocky Way" with drummer Chad Gamble taking on the lead vocal duties. The night closed with a very nice surprise, a spot on cover of R.E.M.'s "The One I Love". I was aware that he'd been doing it most every night on tour since R.E.M. announced their breakup back in late September but when the opening notes from it rang out, it still caught be a little off guard. I wasn't quick enough to do so but hopefully someone will catch this version on camera soon so it can be shared thanks to the magic of the YouTubes.

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Chris Knight, who was accompanied by his guitarist Chris Clark, at the Berkeley Café in Raleigh last night. Great show and he even debuted some new songs that sounded wonderful but most of the audience talked (and not softly) throughout the course of the entire show which proved to be a major distraction. I can understand talking between songs, which doesn't bother me in the least but when folks continue to carry on a conversation when someone is performing (particularly acoustically, as Chris was last night), that's just plain rude. People also love to sing along to his songs which doesn't really bother me but when he would perform a new, or less familiar song, that seemed to be an excuse to up the chatter quotient simply because no one knew the words the songs.

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Sorry to keep you waiting Jahfin...things are coming at me fast and furious these days, so that just when one event is over another is coming around the bend and I barely have time to catch my breath, let alone stop and reflect on past shows I've seen.

But a quick recap of last week:

Nov. 1: Mastodon at the Wiltern Theatre. I hadn't seen them in a while, and I was in the mood for some loud, heavy rock, and this evening's line-up promised that at least tonight would be LOUD.

I only have two Mastodon albums: "Leviathan"(an album about Moby Dick! The whale, NOT the drum solo, smart-ass, hehe) and "Live at the Aragon", so I'm still not sure if Mastodon is the greatest thing in metal since early Metallica. I'm not even sure if I care...I listen to less and less metal as the days go by. Their lyrics and themes can be a bit loopy, but you gotta give them points for even attempting concept albums in this day and age and they do create quite a racket.

The Wiltern usually has great sound at shows, but for some reason Mastodon(and the other bands Red Fang and the Dillinger Escape Plan) sounded like sludge most of the night...but maybe that's how they wanted it. The Wiltern security was a little too uptight...since the sound sucked anyway, they should have booked this show at the Palladium, where the crowd could have roamed free.

Here's the first song of their set: Dry Bone Valley from their new album "The Hunter":

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