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What's the Last Concert You Attended?


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Last night, in Columbia, SC.

Steve Miller Band and Journey.

Almost didn't know I had won a pair of tickets on Facebook until a couple hours before the show!

The notification that I had been mentioned in the comment section as a winner never showed.
But a follow-up post yesterday afternoon alerted me, and I dropped by the radio station to pick up my free tickets.

AWESOME concert.

Both bands still putting on a quality show.

The singer for Journey sounds just like Steve Perry in his prime, so odd as it may sound to say it, it was actually a better performance than if the real Steve Perry had been singing.

And Steve Miller played a tune I hadn't heard in years, because it's an album track from Fly Like An Eagle called Serenade that's probably never been played on the radio.

I said earlier - if you've never had the album, you probably never heard the song; but if you had the album, you'd never forget it.

As I posted on FB, the show hit me right dead in my 70s.

I had a blast.

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Glad you had a great time at the concert, TypeO! Serenade is actually on his Greatest Hits disc. It's a must for summertime listening! :stereo:

Of course you're right.

My first hint might have been the Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits album cover graphic on the very video I posted, LOL.

But I seriously hadn't heard that tune since I had the album back in the 70s.

Felt good.


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San Francisco symphony doing Handel's Royal Fireworks Music, Haydn's Sinfonia concertante in B-flat major, and his Symphony No 103, Drumroll,

The tympani player was excellent but the star of the night was Nayda Tichman, on violin.

Plus a great meal in the city featuring the recently re-legalized Foie Gras!

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Fun night with friends at the Greek for the Culture Club show last night. Boy George still has his voice, although he looks much different now. Jack Black came out for the last encore and they did Bowie's "Starman".

Interesting chap before the show. The horse seemed nonplussed.


The Greek looked beautiful and there was a full-on crowd scene at the bar.



Sort of felt sorry for the smokers herded into a small area...reminded me of the smoking area in high school.


Didn't have great seats, but they were free.





Jack Black joining on "Starman".



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A highlight from the other night...this was the final encore of the first Greek Theatre show, July 23:

I always forget what a great voice Jack Black has until I see him pop up at one of these concerts...he's done it dozens of times here in L.A. He would be great on Broadway in a stage musical.

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Outstanding show. The setlist was impeccable. Plenty of Johnny Marr solo stuff along with choice nuggets from The Smiths and Electronic...and a surprise cover of Depeche Mode's "I Feel You", where they really cranked up the guitar riff. "Bigmouth Strikes Again" brought the house down, "There Is A Light..." was a religious experience, and "How Soon Is Now?" was heavy as fuck and Johnny did a nice extended solo. His vocals were so good, you didn't really miss Morrissey at all.

Coming out of the show into the rain made it even more perfect...it was like we actually were in Manchester.






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Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. St. Patrick's Day...LA night #2. 34 songs. 3 hours and 30 minutes. No intermission. No break. No long solos. No fat...all meat.

The man is pushing 70 and his energy and passion are as indefatigable as ever. I have seen Bruce nearly 30 times and he never disappoints but last night was All-time Top 10 level. The crowd singing along on "Thunder Road" was one of the best sustained sing-alongs I have heard...not just a line or two but the entire song.

This is the anniversary of "The River" and the first part of the concert is the band performing the entire album start to finish. So cool hearing deep cuts from "The River" that he hasn't played in ages. "Sherry Darling", "Crush on You", "I Wanna Marry You" "Stolen Car", "Drive All Night", "Wreck on the Highway". "Independence Day" brought a tear to my eye...as it always does, as it makes me think of my dead dad. 

Adding to the drama and celebration of the show was the knowledge that these Bruce concerts are going to be the last events held at the L.A. Sports Arena before the place is razed to make way for a new soccer stadium. The Lakers played here for years when they first came over from Minneapolis before Jack Kent Cooke built the Forum. The 1960 Democratic Convention was held at the Sports Arena and John F. Kennedy accepted the nomination. USC and UCLA both played their basketball games here...UCLA's Pauley Pavilion wasn't built until 1966 or so. The Olympics were held here and the boxing scenes from "Rocky" and "Rocky II" were filmed here. The only Wrestlemania event I ever went to was at the Sports Arena in 1991...Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair.

Most important to me were the concerts. I saw Pink Floyd's "The Wall" concert here in 1981. Pink Floyd only toured the Wall in two places in the U.S...Nassau and the L.A. Sports Arena. The reason the band gave for playing the Sports Arena instead of the more popular Forum was that the Sports Arena had a larger staging area to accomodate all the props they were using for "The Wall" show. Neil Young and Stone Temple Pilots. Madonna on the Blonde Ambition tour where she sold out 5 consecutive nights. U2 in the 1980s. Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Pearl Jam holiday show in 1992...or was it 1991?

And tons of Bruce. Once Bruce Springsteen graduated from playing the clubs and small theatres, he seemed to prefer the Sports Arena to the Forum. He once dubbed it in concert "The dump that jumps" and it became the title of a famous bootleg. His first concert at the Sports Arena was in 1980 at the start of "The River" tour. He played 4 or 5 nights and the night I went was Halloween night and the show began with Bruce being carried out in a coffin. His band tried all manner of ways to revive him and the only thing that worked was his guitar. They opened the show with a spirited cover of the Halloween classic "Haunted House" and the audience was in the palm of his hand all night. The following summer in 1981 was another week-long string of shows for "The River" tour, including the legendary Vietnam Veterans show where he played over 4 hours. 

When Staples Center was built in 1999 and the Lakers and Kings and Clippers would all play their home games there, the Forum and Sports Arena seemed destined to be forgotten...or would have been except for one miracle: Bruce HATED Staples Center!

The very first events held in the Staples Center were the Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band reunion shows of 1999. Me and my friends went to three of the four nights and right off the bat, Bruce was not happy about the sound and he definitely wasn't happy about all the luxury boxes that made the upper nose-bleeds seem like a thousand miles away. By the end of the run, Bruce vowed never to play Staples again and he stayed true to his word. Whenever he toured L.A. after that he would play the Forum or the Sports Arena.

Other bands followed Bruce's lead...the Red Hot Chili Peppers have never played Staples, always choosing the Forum or the Sports Arena. Even Madonna famously snubbed Staples in 2001 and brought her "Drowned" tour to the Forum instead. 

If not for Bruce and other musical acts following Bruce's lead, the Forum and Sports Arena would have been dead long ago. The Forum got a reprieve when the Madison Square Garden folks saw the concert potential the Forum still had and bought the place a few years ago. Unfortunately, the Sports Arena is considered too old and dilapidated to be saved by anyone and so it's the wrecking ball for her after tonight's third and final Bruce concert of the week.

But she is going out in style.

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Bruce Springsteen was so damn good Thursday night we had to go again Saturday night for the final night at the Sports Arena. Plus my yoga friend called Saturday morning wanting to go, having never seen Bruce before.

Played even longer than Thursday...Saturday's show went from 8:06 to 11:54p.m. The band was pumped...the crowd was amped. Memories came flooding back...it was an emotional night. "Wrecking Ball" was suitably added to the setlist. And for the final farewell song, a touching "Bobby Jean".

"Now, you hung with me when all the others
Turned away, turned up their nose
We liked the same music, we liked the same bands
We liked the same clothes
We told each other that we were the wildest
The wildest things we'd ever seen
Now I wished you would have told me
I wished I could have talked to you
Just to say goodbye, Bobby Jean"

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On 7/29/2015 at 9:31 PM, Strider said:


I bet you had a blast. Did they play a lot from their new album or mostly older songs?

I was going to make a new post on here and noticed I totally neglected to ever reply to you! I feel guilty now, my apologies Strider! :D They're skipping Cleveland on this tour unfortunately. They're closing the tour at the Greek Theatre though, that should be an awesome show.


I'm going to see a local Pink Floyd tribute band I know personally tonight called Wish You Were Here. It's their 20th anniversary tour so I'm gonna get a treat tonight!

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^^^No worries, no apologies needed Icondo. I am looking forward to their Greek show.

Last two concerts I attended...

Friday 3.25.75 David Gilmour @ Hollywood Bowl

Saturday 3.26.16 Dave Chapelle @ Hollywood Palladium

Details on the David Gilmour thread.

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I saw DMB last night at John Paul Jones Arena ( ;) ) in VA; it was a pre-tour concert in their hometown where it all began with all proceeds going to their charitable foundation. There was no opening act; they played for 2+ solid hours; took a 5 min break and came back and played 3 encores. It was amazing. Not an empty seat; everyone on their feet and dancing/singing along the whole time. Not to mention everyone was friendly and polite and having a great time. :) 


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