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What's the Last Concert You Attended?

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With all the March concerts cancelled, and April (and beyond?) too, who knows when I will get to go see live music again?

So I have been reflecting on past concerts...from March 1975. It was quite a year for tours back then. All of the major bands toured that year and March had quite a logjam of shows. The Continental Riot House must have been even crazier than normal back then. How many of these were you at Badgeholder?

Friday March 7: The Faces and Foghat @ Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino. The last time I saw the Faces...Rod Stewart went solo and Ron Wood went off to the Rolling Stones shortly after this. What a shame...the Faces were a splendid raucous band. Foghat were in their prime...a solid opener.

Wednesday March 12: Led Zeppelin @ Long Beach Arena. Long Beach Arena perhaps doesn't have the glamour and aura that the Fabulous Forum had, but because it was smaller, there was a bit more intimacy and the sound was usually a tad better. 

Monday March 24: Led Zeppelin @ Fabulous Forum of Inglewood. This was the crazy marathon week. Five concerts. Luckily it was Easter break. I've said enough about Led Zeppelin in the past. If maybe not as tight and sharp as they were on March 12, it was still pretty damn good. 

Tuesday March 25: Led Zeppelin @ Fabulous Forum. More of the same...maybe less, considering they played one less song than the night before. 

Wednesday March 26: Blue Öyster Cult, REO Speedwagon, The Pretty Things @ Shrine Auditorium. Led Zeppelin wasn't the only band with lasers...BÖC had quite a nifty light show, too. Eric Bloom always had a sinister presence with his ever-present sunglasses and Buck was Buck. Fairly underrated as a guitarist. This was a year before they got really popular with "Don't Fear the Reaper". Some of the guys from Led Zeppelin were at this gig as The Pretty Things were signed to Swan Song and Robert Plant introduced the band on stage. They were okay....but their best days were behind them. Gary Richrath was the only thing noteworthy about REO. 

Thursday March 27: Led Zeppelin @ Fabulous Forum. The grand finale. A great long marathon of a show. Led Zeppelin played longer than all three bands put together from the night before. The last "Dazed and Confused" I would ever see. The end of an era in some respects. Queen attended this concert.

Saturday March 29: Queen, Kansas, Mahogany Rush @ Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (the early show). My first Queen concert...in fact, this may have been the first time Queen even played in the L.A. area. I'm not going to say they blew me away but they were good enough to see that they were a band on the rise and had greatness in them. Kansas was instantly forgettable and we were late for Mahogany Rush (who seemed to open for everybody and play every festival back then).

No ticket was more than $10 and the halls were thick with the smoke of marijuana. A contact high was practically unavoidable. People actually watched the show with their eyes and raised their Bic lighters in tribute...not their iPhones.

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