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Three articles about canceled Tampa, FL show


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20 Arrested at Concert Riot

Naples, FL Daily News



A heavy thunderstorm cut short a Led Zeppelin rock concert Friday night, triggering a riot by thousands of fans at Tampa Stadium that left scores of police officers and fans injured. At least 20

persons were arrested. Chanting "We want Zeppelin, we want Zeppelin," the young fans began throwing rocks and bottles at police who had formed a human barrier in front of the stage.

The youths then stormed the stage. Some of the fans had stood in line since dawn Friday.

"We had what had to be called a small riot. There were between 3,000 and 4,000 people who were unruly and disorderly," Tampa Police spokesman Johnny Barker said. "They did some damage to electronic equipment and we did have some injuries."

About 250 officers, all in riot gear, used billy clubs to herd the crowd toward the exits. Barker said no weapons were fired. At least 20 persons were arrested and booked on charges ranging from trespassing to aggravated battery. Six police officers were injured, one requiring hospitalization for a head injury. Dozens of concert-goers suffered fractured limbs and cuts and bruises. Although accurate totals were not available since some persons were still being treated, one police official said

he thought the number of injured was about 100.

Barker said the band had played for 20 minutes for a crowd of about 70,000 when the storm lashed the stadium and everyone ran for cover. "After the rain subsided 30 to 40 minutes later, a spokesman for Zeppelin decided not to continue and rescheduled the concert for Saturday night," he said.

Early Saturday, the concert was cancelled outright. "A joint statement was made after meetings between the concert promoters, the police and the stadium managers not to hold the concert Saturday," Barker said. He said refunds would be issued.

Tampa Puts Ban on Led Zeppelin

The News Tribune

Fort Pierce, FL


TAMPA, Fla. (UPI) - Police will not provide security for any future appearance of the Led Zeppelin here, a move which in effect blocks the British rock group from performing here. Mayor William Poe announced the decision to withdraw police security from any appearance by the group Monday

after reviewing conditions that led to a riot Friday night at Tampa Stadium when the group

stopped its concert because of heavy rain.

Poe met with police olficials and members of the Tampa Sports Authority to analyze the riot and the decision to withdraw police security cast a shadow over future rock concerts by other groups.

The $10 tickets had billed the concert as "rain or shine" and when word was announced the show was canceled the crowd surged toward a wooden barricade around the stage and began clashing with police. About a dozen police officers and more than 40 fans were injured. Sixteen persons were

arrested on charges of aggravated assault, battery or attacks on police officers, and another 17 were arrested on drug-related charges.

"Led Zeppelin will not perform in Tampa again," Poe said Hornby. "There will be no future or re-scheduled concerts by that group. We have to protect the health and welfare of the police officers as well as the citizens ofTampa."

Police chief Charles Otero said he intends to review his department's policy of providing security at rock music concerts, and hinted he may halt the practice. Such a ban of Ihe use of police officers would virtually eliminate concerts within the city.

At Least 100 Injured At Led Zeppelin Concert

The Galveston (TX) Daily News


City officials, reeling from mini-roit wnich erupted when a thunderstorm washed out a Led Zeppelin

concert, canceled a raincheck rerun Saturday, leaving fans from as far as Michigan and New York

holding "rain or shine" ticket stubs.

"If I were in Buffalo, I'd go home right now," said Donnie Strickland. The 19- year-old youth and three companions had driven 24 hours to get to Florida for the concert. Strickland said they were

the first ones in the stadium when the doors opened at 11:30 a.m. Friday for the 8:30 p.m. concert. After spending the day in 90- degree weather on the sunbaked football field, they settled down for the concert.

The British band played for 20 minutes before the thunderstorm hit. About 45 minutes later the concert was called off. The cry "We want Zeppelin, We want Zeppelin" came from the 70,000 fans

as rocks and bottles began flying onto the stage. "We had what had to be called a small riot. There

were between 3,000 and 4,000 people who were unruly and disorderly," Tampa Police spokesman

Johnny Barker said.

About 250 police officers, all in riot gear and using billy clubs, broke up the rioting and herded the fans out of the stadium. The scene was followed by 26 reported traffic accidents near the grounds.

"The cops didn't give any warning," one teen-aged girl said. "They just waded in. I ended up at the bottom of the crowd and a cop kicked me in the head. My brother got a broken leg and broken ribs."

The melee left an estimated 100 fans with injuries. Eight were arrested.

Shift Commander Lt. Tom Wilson said "in the neighborhood" of a dozen officers were treated for

injuries. "One had a concussion, there was one with a broken hand, one with a broken ankle, one with cut lips and some teeth knocked out, one with a dislocated shoulder..."

"There were so many people you just couldn't move," a 32year-old man from West Palm Beach

said. "I was just trying to get away. The ticket said rain or shine."

"Persons holding ticket stubs can get refunds, but we are encouraging them to mail in their refund

requests," Barker said.

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