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I was 20 when I saw them in 77. No internet, no cell phones, the world was a far different place.

they have agedm but music is not like sports. You can still play when you are older unlike sports. Should be great. And as for Roberts voice, hell, there were rumours after Houses Of The Holy that his voice changed. Never forget walking home on a cold winter night after just buying that album. In those days no cds either-just turntables.


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i am happy for all you guys who are getting to go. i can only imagine what it was like to get the email saying you won the ticket lottery. i havent heard what the official policy is on recording devices, but i want to encourage everybody going to try to give us a taste of what you get to see and hear that night.

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Hiya sorry but yes we have three tickets, they are not via the ballot system, I work for a charity and I'm bringing two young people from the project :)

All the best


Sorry i doubted you, i apolgise.
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18 when I saw Zep the first time on 9 January 1969

24 when I saw Zep the last time on 25 March 1975

57 when I see Zep the next time on 10 December 2007



43 for me and 41 for my buddy... first Zep concert. Can't wait been waiting a long time!!

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