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Is this Jimmy Page? LOL!

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Oh yeah, and anybody here understand German? Weird

That´s definitely Jimmy. By 2002 he wore dreadlocks B)

Oh, and he´s saying: "that´s good, yeah?!" Funny voice, though. A lot like German Hip Hop guys...(yes, there are some :D )

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Oh yeah, and anybody here understand German? Weird

This is not Jimmy, but I was impressed nonetheless.

It would have been better without the original track blaring in the background,and if Jimm.. err I mean meant the artist wasn't wearing that rather obvious wig, and talking in that very steriotypical fake German accent at the end!.

Das ist gut, Ja?.

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:hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:

Sure, that's Jimmy... with a very cheap wig!The words in zhe end mean: played by Jimmy Page in a secret ambush.

Yeah, for sure...

Hey, this is that guy who claims that he KNOWS Jimmy Page didn't play the studio solo of Stairway. And now he's claiming to be Jimmy himself? WHF? :lol::chickeddance:

But.... now let's see, the German then is obviously incorrect. Therefore we can deduce that the guy (I presume it's a guy with that voice!) isn't actually German. So it could actually be Jimmy Page. I think if you play the Third Eye bootleg version of Stairway backwards it mentions something about Jimmy reappearing in Germany, somewhere north of the Ruhr Valley. Yes (scratches chin reflectively)...that's it!! It has been under our noses all along! When all else is ruled out, whatever remains, however improbable, can only be the truth.

I believe it is Jimmy Page, and aliens made his hair grow black again.

Damn good guitarist though - he has that song spot on. Rock On Whoever You Are Herr, er, Page :hysterical:

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