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The Cure in Philly (Spectrum) 5/10/08...


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First time I ever saw these guys and they were great. Porl Thompson (the guitarist who toured with Page and Plant in 1996) was fantastic. Never realized that Robert Smith was a good guitarist either. They played 38 songs in three hours (including three encores). Here's the setlist (some what in order):


Fascination Street

A Strange Day


The Walk

The End of the World


Kyoto Song

Pictures of You


Maybe Someday

The Perfect Boy

From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

The Only One


How Beautiful you are

Inbetween days

Just like heaven


Never Enough

Wrong Number

One Hundred Years


If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

The Kiss


Prayers for Rain

Strange Days

Freak Show

Close to me

Why can't I be you

Three Imaginary Boys

Fire in Cairo

Boys Don't Cry

Jumping Someone Else's Train

Grinding Halt

10:15 Saturday Night

Killing an Arab

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I didn't realize it was possible to play a 3 hours concert anymore, at least unless you started really early, because of curfews.

Bruce Springsteen does it all of the time (or quite a bit of the time), same for the Drive-By Truckers.

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Thanks for posting this; I'll have to see if they're coming nearby. I've been listening to the Cure since the mid 80s, although admittedly not as much now as I used to. It sounds like it was a great show!

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Thanks for the set list, Wolfman. Can't wait for them to hit LA later this month...they're

playing the Hollywood Bowl May 31(Bonzo's birthday) and the Shrine on June 1.

I've been seeing the Cure since the early 80's...and yes, for some time they have

been playing 3 hour concerts. And whenever they play multiple dates in the same

city, they also change the setlists. So, some shows will be heavy on the Pornography-

Head on the Door era, others will focus on the Kiss Me, Kiss Me-Disintegration-Wish-era.

I remember one 4 night stand they did around 1999 or 2000(1 show at Irvine Meadows

and 3 nights at the Greek), where every night was radically different from the next;

over the 4 shows, they must have delved into every corner of their immense catalogue.

One of the great live acts of the past 20-30 years...and, I don't know about the rest of the

United States, but the Cure are definitely NOT underrated here in Los Angeles...in fact,

LA was one of the first places that the Cure broke thru in the States; KROQ played them

all the time(along with other Brit bands of the time like New Order, Depeche Mode and

the Smiths).

In fact, for some time the Cure might have even been more popular here in LA than

back in their native England. The Cure have sold out Dodger Stadium and the Rose Bowl

over the years.

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