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Do you remind anyone of someone famous?

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Seeing as I'm the king of new topics, I decided to treat you all with this little number. ;) And to start with, no one in my life has ever said I look like someone famous. I don't know wether that is a good or bad thing, but I certainly feel a little more unique knowing it. :P

So, do you have the looks of someone who has more cash than you?

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I think I look somewhat like Ingrid Bergman. The eyes and the nose. Mostly the nose. I have a Julia Roberts-sized mouth, though, and less chin than either of them. My mom said I used to look like Natalie Portman around the time The Phantom Menace came out, but we've pretty much diverged paths since we grew up. And while this all sounds rather flattering, but I'm really not as pretty as any of them.

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People used to tell me that my face features looked like Edwige Fenech's (Italian actress of the '70s).

Probably, but when I was still brown haired and a bit younger... hahhaa

Still, I do agree I have the same eyes, high cheekbones, nose and lips.. being modest here. :D


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I really haven't worked out if this is a good or a bad thing. My brother reckons I look like Britney Spears, only brunette. The thing is, I kind of have to agree with him. Although our eyes are different, because the resemblance is more recognisable when I'm wearing sunglasses. Of course, I'm nothing like her in person!

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I think I look somewhat like Ingrid Bergman.

I luuurrrve Ingrid Bergman ;)

Anyway, yes for me, I get commented all the time about how I look like famous people, but the hilarious thing is, they're wildly different celebrities :blink:

First of all, some people used to think that I looked like Paul McCartney, circa mid-60's...

Then I grew my hair, and then people came up to me saying "oh man, you look like Jack Black!"

So after Jack Black, one or two unkind people said I looked like Jack Osbourne...

But then it got weirder, because I grew my hair even longer, then one woman said she thought I looked like Michael Jackson :blink:

And then my hair got longer still, then people said I looked like Bob Seger

But then my hair went blonde, then I started getting comments that I looked like Bjorn Borg. I must've looked very Swedish because after Bjorn Borg, I got Bjorn Ulvaes, followed by Benny Andersson :blink: I didn't even have a beard!

Then my hair went back to short black, then I got comments that I looked like Craig Nicholls from The Vines, followed by comments that I looked like Jack White...then finally someone said I looked like a young Elton John :blink:

So there you go...

I'm a walking bunch of unrelated celebrities.

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I had a friend tell me I look like a guy between Janis Joplin and Grace Slick. I really don't though. Another one told me that I look like JPJ as a girl. I don't see that either. The only person I actually look like is my mom. One of my friend is a miniture Robert Plant. She has the same hair, the blue-ish gray eyse, she's thin but kinda muscular. She even does the hand thing when she talks. Now that I think about it she has an amazing singing voice too. If Robert was a girl he'd be this girl.

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I had a doctor once who said I looked like Sami from "Days of Our Lives"...which made me panic a bit, I'm entrusting my health to a woman who watches soap operas..WTF??

and my friends say that when I was little I looked like Kirstin Dunst in Interview with the Vampire...go figure...

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I've been told that I look like Jimmy Page.

I've also been told (well, by one person) that I look like Gwen Stefani with bad hair.

I did NOT take that as a compliment. hah.

Vannis you do look like Jimmy Page, I don't mean that in a bad way. Don't think I'm saying you look like a man.

Bollywood actresses

Go figure :rolleyes:

but I can't really complain :D

Rabia, from what I've seen of your pictures, you can't complain. You have such a beautiful heritage and it shows in your looks.

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