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13 year old child steals father's credit card


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That kid has balls. If he had any fear of his father, he probably wouldn't do such a thing..........maybe the dad didn't give a fuck.........

My question is why didn't they fuck the hookers.........

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"Ralph's ambition is to one day become a politician". :hysterical:

Actually, he won't fit in very well because he failed the last fundamental test... have a significant other to cheat on, and have sex with the hookers.

I know he's only 13, and he's on his way, but he's got to pass that last test, first.

And besides... I don't care what age you are. If you're buying hooker, why the hell are you playin' video games with 'em? Talk about stupid. They really did just waste the money... :blink:

Personally, I wanna see the hookers. Were they hot?

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