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8 hours ago, Anjin-san said:


I find this extremely funny as I once had a cat who's farts stunk that bad that my girlfriend and I would have to leave the room.... they were that nasty! The cat also had OCD with regards to the litterbox. She had to have the surface completely clean and level after her and our other cat's bowel movements... even after I cleaned the litterbox.

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2 men in a forest are walking and find a huge hole. One guy says to the other “Let’s throw a rock to see how deep it is”. So they drag a huge rock and drop it in. Not even an echo comes back to them. “Huh” one guy says, “what about that anvil over there, let’s use that”. So they both drag this anvil and drop it down the hole. Still no sound comes back but then, a goat goes hurling  towards them into the hole and they dodge it just in time to avoid being hit. A farmer then comes into the forest a little while later and asks “Have you guys seen a goat?”, “Yes” they responded. “He went running into that hole”. “Impossible” the farmer replies, “He was tied to an anvil”. 

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