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Make me laugh!


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^ Wait,what! Magnus creates molds of anuses for a living?

I could understand it if she was just getting it bleached.

What are you going to do with it,put it on the mantlepiece and point it out proudly to visitors?

Make copies of the mold and send them to friends and family for Christmas?

Have the mold attached to a ring and wear it...put a ring on it?

:D Great graphic and very serendipitous.

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Suspecting her husband of infidelity the woman attempted to put an end to it by arousing his jealousy. "What would you say if I told you that I've been sleeping with your best friend?" she asked provocatively. "Well" he mused "I'd say, Wow! That is great, I did not even know that you knew her!"

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Bill Walton Thinks Michael Jordan Was Just An ‘Average' Athlete

Walton: It all rolls into one. What I loved about Michael Jordan was his commitment to the team, his emphasis on physical fitness, footwork, fundamentals and his ability to figure out how how they’re going to get the job done. Because Michael, face it -- the guy was basically average in terms of size, strength, speed, jumping ability, all the things that you seem to think make a great player. That guy was just a tremendous visionary like Thomas Edison -- he turned the lights on.


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