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Empress Valley LA 77 Box Set?

One Symbol

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yea what I have been reading over at RO is that the 21st isn't as good as the EVSD Christmas edition released earlier. and the 22nd even though it's complete and has the authentic TYG. the third disc is just full off skips. a pressing flaw for sure. and the 23rd has artificisl sounds during SIBLY and channel volume issues during Kashmir and Trampled Underfoot...

looks lik you might not want to get one. :(

I took this info from blackmikito (thank you) who got it from the reviews on bootledz.

blackmikito should get the credit and not me.

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Ya over at UU the review is not the best either......it seems there are better versions already out there of these LA shows...including the dvd footage.

speaking of dvd footage.......has anyone hear or seen these new dual layer disc's that have just been released?

Knebworth 79 (8/4 & 11/79 ) dual layer dvd

Over the Top (7/17/77 Seattle) dual layer dvd

Story So Far (5/24/75 Earl's Court) dual layer dvd

I was wondering if they are an upgrade from what is already out there? I used to go to UU for reviews of this sorta stuff but they are so slow now and hardly review any new live zeppelin cd's or dvd's.


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I didn't listen to the 21st because I already have several releases, same with the 23rd (plus there are documented issues with the pressing on disc 3). The 22nd - I would definitely say is an upgrade over other releases, and I picked up that show. The 25th and 26th only get a listen once a year, and the 27th - I have the WR which is very good, IMO.

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