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The Sarcasm Thread

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Better to be high-maintenance than no maintenance at all... B)

And yes, fucking miracle...I can't believe I talk to you!

Wrong again, dahling. No maintenance means no strings attached- the sweetest words in all of sexuality. I don't want the goddamn cow, I just want the friggin' milk! That Spats is really onto something.

I knew you'd come to your senses eventually. Thank God I've already cemented the poularity I gained from you deigning to speak with me.


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Bah! The quality level of the sarcasm in this thread is getting dangerously low. This cow and milk bullshit is masking what your real problem is: whether or not you can keep from boring me to death. <_<:P

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That comeback was lame in 1st grade to i expect so much more from NEXT TIME

That...comeback...was....lame...in....1st....grade... Okay--this makes sense.

to...i....expect.... WTF? :blink:

so...much...more...from....NEXT...TIME.... Okay---"so much more from NEXT TIME?" I'm lost.

I think the bartender at the pub should give zepsteve his keys and let him drive home because he's making sooo much sense! That corn in Iowa's getting to you!


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Oh yeah?

Are you sure that you're high from the fumes?

You seem pretty normal-like to me...

at least for you...

And I didn't catch all of that again....someone seems to be yelling...


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