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Manta the Newbie !


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Hey everybody !

First, I am sorry for my bad english but it's because I come from France, the country where just a few people speak english (and I hope I will, one day).

So, no matters the langages, we are all here for Led Zeppelin, the best band of the world and of the time.

So, I'm a french 20 years old girl who just knew Led Zeppelin for 1 year and who arre totally addict to this band now.

And I hope I will find here all I want to find : Answers, cool guys and Rock'N'Roll !

Bye :)

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Yeah, it's romantic for you, but for us, it's... hum not romantic !

It's just a big town where nobody takes the time to be nice with the other parisians. In Paris, all is fast but there is ONE rule : just be nice with tourists, cause they take back money !

No, seriously, Paris is romantic because everybody thinks it is !

Oh, just one thing, don't say the final "S" of Paris, because if you say it, we french, all think about Paris Hilton <_<

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