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If Led Zeppelin re-forms I don't think they should be called Led Zeppelin

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I don't know if they realy want to change the name of the band. Like some people say before in this topic: Rober Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page are Led Zeppelin, the three of four greatest artis in music history.

Ofcurse if they want, well...

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Queen +PR (Freddie Mercury passed; John Deacon retired from touring)

Deep Purple (as previously mentioned: many lineup changes: Bolin, Coverdale, Blackmore, Jon Lord no longer in band/touring with band)

The Who (Moon and Entwistle passed)

The Stones (Brian Jones passed, Bill Wyman retired and Mick Jones no longer in band)

KISS (Ace Frehley and Peter Criss no longer in band; Eric Carr and Mark St. John passed; Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick no longer in band)

Journey (Steve Perry, Steve Smith, Ansley Dunbar, Randy Jackson, etc ... no longer in band)

Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green & Christine McVie no longer in band)

Pink FLoyd (mentioned above, too; Roger Waters no longer in band)

These are just some of the top selling/ biggest bands over the past 30+ years that have also had members either pass and/or leave the band and they're still together.

John Bonham's passing was so unfortunate. It is wonderful that his son, Jason, could be part of the reunion concerts and special one-offs. Whether they tour and/or record as Led Zeppelin is completely up to them.

R B)

The Journey thing is a f*cking joke, how many lead singers have they had now? 12 or 13? And each singer gets to be in the band for what 3 weeks?

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I hate to have to bring everyone back to reality,but the reunion has faded from public memory by now,only we zep-nerds remember it,so a tour now is anywhere from slim to none,but i'll say if they do reform we'll be left with "Mothership" or "Led Zeppelin,or we could go down to the bus stop and create a loosely formed "band" of geriatrics and tour under the moniker of "The Who" (a fate that Zeppelin should never suffer)

I REALLY wish they would reform,but i don't think they will for another year,they'll probably do a show a year at most if we're lucky.

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This has been debated on this site so many times, before they had their reunion everyone said they would never call themselves Led Zeppelin again. Well I always said they would and they did, and they will forever be LED ZEPPELIN.

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As pointless threads go - this has to be king

Utter mindnumbing stupidity on Achilles level status

So.. after quarter of a century of NOT being Led Zeppelin, Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham(jnr) regroup and after much soul searching and no doubt some difficult moments decide to go for it

So.. the suggestion is that they should reform Led Zeppelin---but not be Led Zeppelin!!??

I have never read such bollocks in all of my life

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You're not gonna believe what just happened!I just got a job with the rolling stones! Next gig on.. Oh wait,sorry,they just fired me,false alarm. :(

And they will ALWAYS be Led Zeppelin,they already played with this lineup under that name.

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Does it really matter what they call themselves? If they're playing their own material, the very material we've all come to know and love, they're Led Zeppelin. They could call themselves Percy and The Other Blokes for all I care. As long as I know who they are and the music's good it's all fine by me. :D

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1) Led Zeppelin died with John Bonham (they can be called Led Zeppelin during reunions, like the 2007 one, but for a band doing new material I think it's dead)

2) It's been 30 years since they've recorded new material. Anything they recorded today wouldn't have the same quality as before and the expectations would be way too high. They're all so much older and they've done so much in the time between.

So, ideas for a new name?

my mind's a blank... anything i'll say will be lame. i'll say it anyways:

New Led Zeppelin

Swan Song

Old Zep

I disagree! They are and always will be LED ZEPPELIN and should remain so new & old. I hope they tour again soon. I saw Robert Plant & Jimmy Page tour together in the 90's and it was the best show I've ever seen!!!! They still got it!!!! PS We're all getting older & better...lol

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