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At October,1974

At London's Island studios, Jimmy Page records "Scarlet" with Keith Richards and Traffic's Rik Grech. Vocal duties are handled by Richards. Page pronounces the track "great, really good."


Does anyone know information on this song? I never have heard this.

I have seen the article that Jimmy said this song would schedule to be collected to the album of Rolling Stones in the 70's.

I do not know whether to have been put on the market actually.

''Scarlet'' is Jimmy's daughter,isn't it?

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I already post about this long time ago on this forum ...

It seems that nobody has a tape or a recording of that song.

I knew about it because of a friend of mine (r.i.p.), one of the biggest Stones collectors ever seen, who didn't find a copy so he asked me about the Zep fans

Nothing happened

.... !

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I can't remember who said it, I believe it was Keith Richards, maybe Jimmy, but the comment was that no one would ever hear it, implying it was gone. There was a good thread on this on the old board.

And to the original poster, yes, Scarlet is Jimmy's daughter's name. Now whether the song was actually named for her, I'm not so sure. For all I know the song could be a follow up to Paint It Black. *sings* "Tired of black. How bout Scaaarlettt" :lol:

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