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Robert Plant - Pre-Zep History

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More undiscovered gems from Blocoboy!!

- they were signed by producer Shel Talmy's Planet Records a good FIVE MONTHS before signing with CBS. Obviously, the Shel Talmy session was never released (and probably never took place). If it had, then Robert almost certainly would have met Jimmy Page on this occasion!!

- after the deal with Talmy fell through, they supposedly signed with Decca. Again, nothing came of it. These guys got rejected more times than The Beatles!

- unreleased songs "Two By Two", "The Pakistani Rent Collector" (!!) and at least 4 others "in the can"

- another story about the stolen demo tape. "We can't remember how it went!" -- yeah right!

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A couple more from the Sunday Mercury-


Sun 22nd October 1967.

Nice to have directions to the club becuase a couple of months later you may have needed them-


Sun 24th December 1967.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts in these great finds...and for sharing them with us:-) Love this thread!!

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A solo gig for the Plant/Bonham duo..I realise this doesn't fit in with the pre/post Zep theme but an interesting side project nonetheless.


My maternal grandparents lived on the Glebe Farm Estate and every Sunday we would go to visit them and if the weather was good my brothers and I would go down to the Rec for a kick about..their is a very good chance we were there when this match was on..if only I had known :slapface:

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Forgot to say the previous footie outing was from 1970..a few months later and the Bonham/Plant sports career lumbers on.


Some nice Brum talent on dispaly

I would imagine the half time oranges would have been interesting if the Sabs had turned up.

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Yet another version of RPs court appearance..this one is from the Birmingham Evening Mail dated Friday 11th August 1967..I like the reporters rather sniffy use of punctuation marks.


Blocoboy- thanks for posting this clipping. What a remarkable find! I had seen the one Midlands Flower People photo for many years now, but not this one!


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Hi all,

some fantastic scans here, my favourite period is the mod period so that includes THE LISTEN .

i'm the editor of a blog called Jackthatcatwasclean that is archiving original mod/ern/ists stories, videos, ... and we also have a chat group on Facebook .

The LISTEN was part of the discussion recently .

here are some memories from an original mod from Birmingham who's seen the band on several occasions during the sixties .

comment about the article in Midland Beat # 34

about Robert Plant : "Seen him with Listen, he was brilliant!!"

"they did a lot of their own stuff, very bluesy R&B very much like the early Stones, can't remember specific songs as they were only local lads playing in birmingham, can't remember them recording anything, they just went round the clubs, but they did a lot of other peoples stuff too, like John lee hooker, and simular! did instrumental stuff too, but brilliant to see and dance to."

"did soul cover versions too, a bit of everything Soul, jazz, R&B, and Blues ! they were a great band to watch and very underated."

"Great presence on stage!!!"

comment on the Wolverhampton Express and Star 3rd Mach 1966 (the RSG / Stoke on Trent story) .

"Thats what they were like! they liked to stay local !! couldn't understand them they were so good!!!"

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