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R Kelly -- " Age Ain't Nuthin But A Number " . . .

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R. Kelly witness: Female in sex tape met singer when she was 12


Jurors View Tape In Courtroom

The Kelly Chronicles

May 21, 2008


A woman testified today that the female who appears in a sex video is her best friend from childhood who was 13 or 14 at the time the tape was made — and that the man in the tape is R&B superstar R. Kelly.

Simha Jamison, 24, said she met Kelly at a gym called Hoops when she was 12. Her friend, the allegedly underage girl, was about six months younger and already knew Kelly, calling him "Godfather."

R. Kelly defense: It wasn't me

As time went on, Jamison and her friend would go to downtown Chicago to visit Kelly at his recording studio and hang out, Jamison said. Kelly would sometimes give the girl money — "depending on the situation and the reason she needed it, no less than a hundred, no more than $500."

Jamison said that one day when she was a junior in high school, she saw the sex tape at the house of friends. When she saw the girl who engages in sex with Kelly, "I thought she looked just like my best friend, [the alleged victim]" Jamison said.

She recognized the man on the tape as R. Kelly, she said.

Jamison said she had viewed the tape again today and confirmed her identification of her friend as the female on the tape.

"I kind of know her like the back of my hand," Jamison said.

One detail that stood out — the "mullet" haircut.

"We got our hair cut the same way together. It's a mullet. Short at the top, long at the back," Jamison said.

The girls were 14 and going into their freshman year of high school when they got the haircuts, Jamison said.

The defense has not yet had the chance to cross-examine Jamison.

Earlier, Jamison's legal guardian, Peter Thomas, testified he also viewed the videotape. He, too, identified the female as Jamison's best childhood friend.

"She looks pretty young in that video," Thomas said.

He guessed her age in the video as "somewhere around 14 and maybe 15 years old."

"As she got older, she started to look more like a woman, and there, she looks like kind of a kid," Thomas said.

Defense lawyer Ed Genson pointed out that Thomas contacted police and had already concluded it was the friend on the video, even though Thomas had never seen the tape. Genson went through a litany of Oak Park parents Thomas contacted when word of the video began circulating in Oak Park six years ago.

"By the time you had talked to half of Oak Park, telling everybody it was [the alleged victim], there was really nothing left for you to do but identify her, right?" Genson said.

Genson asked Thomas if he ordered Jamison to stay away from the friend after learning about the video. Thomas admitted he had not.

"She was a good girl," Genson said.

"Yes," Thomas said.

"Sort of a middle of the road ordinary girl from Oak Park," Genson said.

"Yes, sir," Thomas said.

Jamison's detail about the money is similar to another detail. In the sex video, shown Tuesday, the man gives the girl cash before the sex commences and at the end.

Testimony resumes this afternoon.


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