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Fans Who Attend Concerts By Their Favorite Performers Dressed Up Like Them


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Wanna be in my gang?

It is one thing to love a person's music - quite another to try and physically resemble that person while watching them perform in concert. Chuck Klosterman on the uber-fans

The Guardian

This is a question reporters sometimes ask musicians: "So, tell me - who is your fanbase?" It is not an original question. I probably put it to at least 40 different artists over the course of my career until I realised I was always getting the exact same answer: "Oh, you know. All sorts of people." And this, I suppose, is generally an honest response.

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I once put on Paul Stanley's Makeup but not the costume just jeans and a Kiss T-shirt.

When I saw Kiss on the Rock n' Roll Over Tour in '79 there were lots of folks in Kiss makeup. Someone not far from me was dressed as Gene Simmons. Unfortunately when he tried to breathe fire his face went up in flames. Thankfully someone put him out but you know that had to hurt.

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