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A New Challenge


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OK, Mothership has 2 discs of music (we're not talking about the dvd)

And to stay true to the premise, they only drew from the original 8 studios [no Coda]

Here's how the 2 discs break down...

Disc One

1. Good Times Bad Times

2. Communication Breakdown

3. Dazed And Confused

4. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

5. Whole Lotta Love

6. Ramble On

7. Heartbreaker

8. Immigrant Song

9. Since I’ve Been Loving You

10. Rock And Roll

11. Black Dog

12. When The Levee Breaks

13. Stairway To Heaven

Disc Two

1. Song Remains The Same

2. Over The Hills And Far Away

3. D’Yer Maker

4. No Quarter

5. Trampled Under Foot

6. Houses Of The Holy

7. Kashmir

8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine

9. Achilles Last Stand

10. In The Evening

11. All My Love

Here's the challenge -

What songs would constitute a 3rd disc?

They've compiled the 24 they think were best suited.

What 10 or so more songs would you include that weren't on the first 2 discs?

I'm sticking to 10-12 songs, we all know it would have to be under 80 minutes or so.

This was harder than I first imagined.

For me, it would be -

1. How Many More Times

2. What Is and What Should Never Be

3. Bring It On Home

4. That's the Way

5. Gallows Pole

6. Going to California

7. The Rain Song

8. The Ocean

9. The Rover

10. Sick Again

11. For Your Life

12. Carouselambra

What about you?

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For your life


The Rover

In the Light

Down by the Seaside


That's the Way

Wearin' and Tearin'

I'm gonna Crawl

The Ocean

Travelling Riverside Blues

The Wanton Song

Yea, that would do it.

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