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If robert wants to sing with alison part 2

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If the latest news/plans that Robert plant wants to record a 2nd album with Alison are true !should jimmy page and john paul jones give there blessing and move on and find a new singer.I really hate the way that j.p/j.p.j/j.Bonham have been treated in this whole (MAYBE,MIGHT AGAIN,COULD BE NICE)"cat and mouse "situation that Robert plant is creating .As we all know that the musicians in Led zeppelin are far to talented to be sitting around ;waiting for someone to "give them a call when I'm ready" attitude .As ACDC carried on after bon Scott and countless other Groups have carried on after a member has left .I really want the other members of led zeppelin to rise again and get out there and have some fun as well.With all respect to Robert ;best wishes on your journey.

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