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Where would you rank Jimmy Page in Top 500 Guitarists?


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The thing with Neil is his sloppy electric work is his signature style and he makes a musical point with it, it's undoubtedly sloppy but intended to be that way. He acoustic work proves he's a "better" guitarist than his electric playing would indicate. Though not all of his electric work is wobbly, he lays it down on songs like Walk On. Neil definitely his own thing with regard to music, everything from his voice to style of play is very original. Besides I don't think he's really been worshipped in a guitar hero way like Page or Hendrix.

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How come all the great guitar players are sloppy? :) It's kind of strange actually...

IMO many of the older famous guitarists were simply emulating their influences, most of which were blues artists. Even the greatest blues players had a pretty "loose" style. Guys like Freddie King and Otis Rush weren't clean players when compared to todays technique obsessed shred crowd. The idea that guitar playing, specifically lead guitar playing, is supposed to be some olympic event based and speed and execution is a fairly recent thing. When players like Hendrix and Page were the top players of their day people didn't care about that, all of that BS came in the 80's.

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What about

Al Di Meola

John Williams (the classical player)

John McLaughlin

Robert Fripp

Steve Howe


They are all perfect technically speaking and very creative musicians, and they ALL came about in the 60s and 70s.

I can't believe you're *praising* ineptitude.

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