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Zep to be featured in The Great Rock Festivals


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Got my latest issue of Classic Rock today and there is an advert for said mag which is due out 4th June here in the UK.

There is a photo of the front cover and Led Zeppelin have quite a prominent font, with the subtitle "Way Out West (in Bath)" so that of course speaks for itself as to what the article is about. I will, of course, be getting this so I will scan and post it.

Also in this issue of CR, there is a small question and answer set with Chris Dreja of The Yardbirds.

In relation to Jimmy he was asked..

Do you keep in touch with ex-guitarists Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck?

Jimmy and Jeff more so than Eric, who I've not spoken to since 1965. But he did mention me in his book, which was nice.

There was, of course, that bizarre rumour that the Yardbirds were to do a reunion tour with Beck and Page?

I chuckled when I saw that. But Jimmy and Jeff have both been to our shows and been very complimentary. But never say never, they're always welcome to join us on stage.

Whilst on the subject of music mags...

I scanned all the new monthly music mags that are out so far, and none featured Jimmy, so the cover that Ross Halfin shot still remains a mystery.

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