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What's the Next Concert You're Attending?


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I went to the -killing joke show on sunday night, irving plaza, nyc. They played shows on saturday and sunday nights, based on material from two albums. I went to the show that was based around -pandemonium from 94, with a heavy industrial sound. My friends went to both of the shows. I never saw any live industrial type music like -ministry live, so was interested how this sound would be live. I thought it was really great, the unrelenting pace of the music was energetic. Thought there would be some down time with some of the songs, but there really wasnt, the keyboardist did some interesting things, as well as the guitarist and bass. It was cool because within the structure of that type of music, was sort of surprised. -millenium and -pandemonium were great live. Ofcourse they played their other material like -wardance, heavy percussion based song and -turn to red, reggae dub based bass and the song which -nirvana ripped off, -eighties.

I would reccomend seeing them, even if you dont know much about -killing joke. My friend is a big fan and told me about how they just lost a member last yr and the other member is getting more and more into production, -youth just produced -paul mccartneys lastest. So, apparently this band may not be playing live for awhile, if at all. This tour is dedicated to the member who passed away, -raven.

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15 Oct 2008 Uriah Heep and Thin Lizzy.

Saw em last night and they were great especially Thin Lizzy! The drummer must have been on speed or something cause he was like that drummer on the muppets WILD MAN. Uriah Heep played alot of their new stuff but I would have liked to have heard more old stuff.

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I'm going to AC/DC in Cincinnati in January unless I go to somehing local before that. I live in Lexington, Ky and there are a lot of up and coming bands that play some of the small venues here in town. Airbourne and Buckcherry were both here in the last year. (Tickets $8.00 at the A1A concert hall).

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You lucky devils who'll get to see AC/DC. There have been some rumors that they'll come to Romania, but they didn't announce anything yet. The closest gig they'll have will be at Budapest, but the tickets are already sold out.

on-topic: Yngwie Malmsteen in December, if I'm lucky enough to buy the tickets before they sell out. Hope they won't be too expensive cuz I don't have too much money anymore to spend for concerts.

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In a few minutes I will go see the Hellacopters. Tomorrow they will do their last concert. If you want to, you can see these concerts on their myspace where they will be streamed.

Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are a great live band!!!


From www.hellacopters.com

The Last Shows Ever - Live (2008-10-20)

The Hellacopters finals gigs live for all their fans on MySpace

The Hellacopters invites all their fans and friends world wide to see their

final gigs ever, live streamed on www.myspace.com/hellacopters , October 25

and 26.

Earlier this year, The Hellacopters announced that they are putting an end

to it. For good. 13 years of being the Rockn'Roll ministers of Sweden, the

Popes of Powerpop, the Caesars of Scandinavian Rockugallia is right now

ending with a final tour of sold out concerts all over the Nordics, and 2

days of pure rock at the 4 sold out gigs at Debaser Medis in Stockholm.

And just as intensely as they have always done full throttle and stepped on

the gas every single second they have been on stage - just as intensely they

want to go out. And they want all their friends to join.

The four final gigs of The Hellacopters will be live streamed in MySpace HD

quality on their page www.myspace.com/hellacopters:

Saturday, October 25th, 12.30 and 21:00 (CET)

Sunday October 26th, 15:00 and 21:00 (CET)

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