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What's the Next Concert You're Attending?


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Going to three shows at least this week:

Monday Aug. 13: Grandaddy w/ Earlimart @ the Fonda Theatre...THEY'RE BACK! After several years of hiatus/disbandment, the little band from Modesto is reunited...and it feels so GOOD!

Tuesday Aug. 14: Alabama Shakes w/ Michael Kiwanuka @ the Fonda Theatre...after hearing and reading raves about this band for nearly a year, I am finally getting a chance to see for myself how good are Alabama Shakes.

Thursday Aug. 16: Big Jay McNeely @ Viva Cantina...one of the greats of the 40s and 50s that were part of the development of rock and roll: http://articles.burbankleader.com/2012-08-11/entertainment/tn-blr-0810-sax-man-behind-deacons-hop-still-puts-on-a-lively-show_1_show-stopper-rock-n-roll-grammy-museum

Big Jay McNeely is also the subject of one of the iconic photos of the 20th century...taken by Bob Willoughby.


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Looks really groovy Reswati. Where is that being held? And are you taking "something for the weekend"?

It is held in a town in Belgium, called Geel (which means "yellow", hence the name). and yes, i will take some special supplies with me, since it would be beyond stupid to be sober at such festival.

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Agreed and maybe if you can remember any of it ,a report from our man in the field? :D

I take a camera with me that can take pictures and film a reasonable quality, so I hope I can write something that makes sense after my return.

This is the line up for the 18th:

11.30-12.10 Cat Claw

12.15-13.00 Yama

13.05-13.40 Street Gnar

13.45-14.45 The FLying Eyes

14.50-15.25 The Godless Funk Of Bonanza

15.30-16.30 Glowsun

16.35-17.35 Kadavar

17.40-18.40 Monkey 3

18.45-19.45 Abramis Brama

19.50-20.50 Baby Woodrose

20.55 -22.05 Naam

22.10-23.30 Spectrum

00.00-.. . .. GNOD

Since the 5th member/manager/sound engineer of Baby Woodrose just died it is still a question if they are gonna perform or not.

personally I am looking forward to see The Flying Eyes, Abramis Brama, Monkey3 and Naam.

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Only going the 18th, but lots of great (new psychedelic) music for just 25 Euro. What more can a man wish for?

Reswati, there are several Spectrums out there...is this the Aussie prog Spectrum or the offshoot of Spacemen 3's Sonic Boom?

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Had to look it up myself: they are the british ones (Spacemen 3 offshoot)

Are they any good?

They're not bad...particularly if you're stoned.

Ok, my schedule got changed at the last minute yesterday, so instead of seeing Alabama Shakes last night at the Henry Fonda Theatre, I went with friends for a classical music evening at the Hollywood Bowl.

TONIGHT Aug. 15 I am seeing Alabama Shakes @ the Fox Theatre in Pomona, CA.

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Tomorrow night - The Delta Riggs.

Don't you love it when you can still jump up and down in a sweaty pub and see exciting new stuff (for $12!)

This'll be my 3rd time for these guys who I first saw as a support 4 months ago, and who most in Australia wouldn't have noticed yet...

Have a look

A bizzare videoclip

A festival performance last year

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Hey Reswati - Have you recovered?

More or less, cause it was hotter than hell this weekend, and I managed to get a V shaped sunburn on my chest due to an open blouse. The festival was great, and I will go next year again.

Bands that were really impressive: The Flying Eyes, I videotaped their first 2 songs and after that my camera told me to fuck myself. Great set of bluesy spaced out, Doors influenced music.

Monkey3 were also very inspiring, even though they had no singer they managed to play some great long jams with lots of very beautiful melodies.

The band Baby Woodrose just lost their 5th member/manager but decided to play anyway. Personally I like them better on record, but that's a matter of taste.

Naam were just VERY LOUD and menacing, like a Black Sabbath record played twice as slow with hypnotic vocalisms on top.

I also managed to see/experience Spectrum. They used a theremin, and their music reminded me of something a cult that worships The Great Old Ones would play as devotional music.

As soon as I can upload the 9 minutes video on youtube I will post it.

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Going to the Virgin Mobile FreeFest. I'm really looking forward to the Alabama Shakes, ZZ Top and Jack White. And despite the fact that I'm about as old as dirt, I've never been to a festival-style concert event before. Should be a fun and interesting day!


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